5 Simple Ways To Be An Office Witch

Posted by Rose Moore

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Offices aren’t usually known for being spiritual havens of self-empowerment. Flex time, employee perks, and a focus on results rather than timesheets may be making life a little bit nicer for those in the cubicle trenches, but what’s a modern witch to do when she feels her joy starting to flicker like the fluorescents above?

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to inject a little self-care into the office space, and we’re here to help you embrace your inner witch…and make Mondays a little more magical!



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Get Organized

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that being organized is a big help when it comes to making office life easier for modern witches. Knowing where everything is, what you need to be doing, and when you need to be doing it helps keep your energy flowing and your work in alignment with your goals. Clear out that cubicle, get rid of all the unnecessary paper weighing you down, and file everything away. Don’t forget to clear some digital clutter, too, with a look at your inbox and digital storage. Now, embrace the zen and wisdom that comes from having it all under control.

We love the Passion Planner as a way to keep your work and spiritual goals aligned, and check out Poppin for simple, clean lines and brightly colored office supplies and organizers.


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Purify Your Space

Now that your space is nice and organized, it’s time to clear the air – literally! Purification is a huge part of creating a space that feels good to work in, and there are a lot of different ways to do it. Traditionally, witches use sage, incense and candles to purify a space, but most offices will frown on anything that sets off the smoke alarm! If you can, do a little smudging, but be aware that smoke and computer equipment don’t always mix, and if you are smudging on a semi-regular basis, you should also be cleaning out the inside of your computer and the fans (or getting a pro to do it for you). For those that cannot use smoke, turn to one of the other elements. Water is an excellent purifier, and if you have the space for a desk fountain, that can be the perfect way to create calm. Crystals and Himalayan Salt Lamps are also wonderful at clearing the air, as are many plants – just make sure that you keep any living thing healthy and thriving!


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Embrace Accessories

Get a little lighthearted with your status as a #BasicWitch with accessories that lift your spirits and let you take good care of yourself. Wear some crystal jewelry if you have it, but there’s no need to stop there! Whether it’s a blanket to keep you warm when Dave from Accounting keeps turning up the AC, or a coffee mug (by Gypsy Warriors) for that morning brew, have a little fun with your spiritual side. A smile goes a long way to creating a joyful work environment!


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Build A Desktop Altar

Miniature altars can be a great way to focus your energy and make your desk a little more beautiful at the same time. They can also be whatever you wish them to be! Put up a small shelf to hold some inspiring images, your favorite crystals (or the ones that fit with your current goals and needs), and other items that make you feel grounded and inspired. No shelf space? Pull up a small mirror and dedicate its surface to a crystal grid or arrangement. Trying to keep your witchy nature undercover? Set up a crystal in your plant pot, and frame some imagery to place behind it. Terrariums and miniature sand gardens can also make amazing undercover altars.


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Create Daily Rituals

Once your space is exactly where you want it to be, start to build magic into your workday with small rituals to keep you focused and grounded. Keep a pack of affirmation cards (like these colorful ones from Gabrielle Bernstein) in your desk drawer and start the day by drawing one and using it to guide your day.

Grab some noise-canceling headphones and a do-not-disturb sign and meditate before you start work or head to a meeting. (Try a meditation app like Headspace!) Place a list of intentions for the week under your altar or crystal grid on a Monday morning, and release the negative as well as asking for the positive. When you look at the altar, remember what you are asking the universe to provide, and visualize it for a moment.

Get into the office early, and use that time to take some deep breaths, focus on your mini-altar, and build positive intention for the day before you so much as check your inbox.

Whatever ritual calls to you, do it with intention and focus every day, and create space in your workday to keep drawing your career goals closer.


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