Earrings Crafted Out of Vintage Book Pages

Posted by Eric Smith

Flourish & Debonair, an Etsy seller based out of Knoxville, Tennessee, gives you the option to actually wear old books, as opposed to tossing them in the attic or hocking them on Amazon.

Like these handmade paper bead earrings, crafted using a repurposed vintage science diagram of the nervous and skeletal system. You can clearly see the brain, spine, and nerves in the handcrafted spherical beads. Best use of a science book, EVER. And to top it off, they come in a handmade origami gift box. A nice touch.

You can check out more of her handmade jewelry at her shop. She also sells vintage bundles of books (for you crafters out there that need materials) and a wealth of old school clothing. Browse away.

Check out the rest of the shop for more paper bead jewelry and other creative flourishes!

Handmade Paper Bead Earrings @ Etsy

Eric Smith


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