National Crafts Month: DIY Pom-Pom Earrings!

Posted by Suzanne Wallace

Let’s keep National Crafts Month going strong by making something pretty to combat this wretched winter weather. So obviously, I’m going to give you all something from Pom-Poms, because it contains ALL THE PRETTY THINGS.

The hardest part about being a girl in the depths of winter is you can’t wear any cute outfits because LAYERS. But even when you’re swathed in three sweaters, you can dress it up with a cute pair of pommy earrings. Enter Sara Goldschadt and the cute projects from Pom-Poms: 25 Awesomely Fluffy Projects. Get crafting!

To make the poms for these earrings, you’ll need to use Stackable Method #3 from the book: Stack and Fringe. This technique produces shaggy bursts that look less polished than those made with the other methods, but it’s a good tool to have in your arsenal when using materials you already have on hand.

1. Cut each sheet into rectangles. Stack them into a uniform pile. Fold the stack in half lengthwise.

2. Starting at one end, make perpendicular slits every close to the fold without cutting through.

3. Unfold the stack and then roll tightly, starting at one end. Keeping the center as tight as possible.

4. Place wire around the middle of the roll and twist it to secure. Cut away excess wire.

5. Gently open and separate the fringed ends. Trim ends.

This method makes finished poms about 3 inches in diameter. Experiment with larger rectangles for bigger, floppier poms or thinner rectangles for tighter, cuter ones.



It doesn’t take much material to make a bold pair of ear charmers. These teensy bursts are made from felt scraps.

two 1-by-3-inch pieces of felt
two 6-inch pieces of jewelry wire
wire cutter
hoop earrings*

* For post earrings, you don’t need jewelry wire, wire cutters, or hoop earrings. Just use a dab of hot glue to secure poms to studs.


1. Make a pom-pom using the Stack and Fringe method described above. Use one piece of the jewelry wire to cinch and hold the center.

2. Twist and bend the wire into a small loop and trim off excess.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to make another pom.

4. Open the hoop earrings and hang the pom in the center.

Glittery poms glued on post earrings exude an unexpected sparkle! Felt is available in sparkling colors as well as solids.


Suzanne Wallace

Suzanne Wallace

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