Downton Abbey Characters Meet Their X-Men Counterparts

Posted by David Winnick

After six seasons of watching the Crawley family navigate the trials and tribulations, it is time to bid them a fond farewell. And since many of the actors have managed to capture the hearts of the American public, some are already appearing in new shows. Most recently, former cast member Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley) will be starring in the X-Men spin off show Legion, as professor Xavier’s son, David. With that information, we started to wonder what other characters would be wandering the halls of Downton if they were all X-Men.

Emma Frost is The Dowager Countess

The Dowager Countess is the oldest member of the Crawley family and the least likely to suffer fools. Always on the spot with a pithy or cutting remark, the Dowager has set herself apart from the rest of the family. Her constant aloofness and ability to make others wither with a single glance is a perfect match with Emma Frost, the X-Men’s resident ice queen. One of the longer running X-Men characters, Frost has good intentions, but her words have often left characters reeling.  


Monet St. Croix is Lady Mary Crawley

Lady Mary is all about the finer things in life. She concerns herself more with appearances and status than any of the other Crawley sisters and wouldn’t be caught dead without the newest fashion. If Monet St. Croix and Mary went on a shopping trip, they would spend the annual budget of a small country. Monet is an X-Men heavy hitter. A descendent of Algerian royalty, she, like Mary, is all about looking good while doing the best job possible.  


Dazzler is Lady Edith Crawley

Poor Edith. The middle child of the Crawley’s, Edith is often the butt of jokes. Though horribly annoying for the first two seasons of the show, Edith grew into a strong and respectable woman. She is the Crawley family’s Dazzler. Allison “Dazzler” Blair is often made fun of for her ‘70s style and her power to turn sound into light. It took a while for her to grow into her position in the X-Men, but now she is one of the team’s most versatile characters.  


Wolverine is Tom Branson

It must have been tough to marry up in the early 1900s. The former chauffer, Branson, married the youngest Crawley sister and was immediately treated like an outsider trying to gold dig. Though a good guy, Branson initially butted heads with those around him. Wolverine was also an outsider, what with his mysterious past and extreme personal grooming habits. His attitude towards the rest of the X-Men wasn’t always accepting and the feelings were mutual. Much like Branson, it was a matter of time before Wolverine's true good nature was aparent and he became irreplaceable.  


Havok is Lord Grantham

Stuck in the shadow of his father, Lord Grantham a.k.a Robert Crawley is struggling at all times to keep the family estate afloat. A good man, with a good heart, Lord Grantham only wants to do what is right. The parallel of being stuck in the shadow of another family member are impossible to ignore for Havok, the brother of X-Man Cyclops. Both men have lead teams and done well, but Havok is almost always placed off to the side as the lesser brother. It is a shame since he is a great leader, and in many ways a better person than his older brother.    


Polaris is Lady Grantham

Lady Grantham a.k.a Cora Crawley stands by her man. She is a strong willed woman who will do anything to protect her family. Born into a rich American family, Cora is always a bit of an outsider in the world of British aristocracy. Cora’s questionable lineage is just like Polaris’s who may or may not be the daughter of X-Men villain Magneto. The sideways glances and whispers behind the back are not new to either of these women. It is a shame, because those who go against them are bound to be destroyed one way or another.     


Jean Grey is Lady Sybil Crawley

A death can shake a family to its core and Lady Sybil’s was brutal. The heart of the Crawley family, Sybil saw the good in all people. Always optimistic, she was by far the kindest of the family. Her death in childbirth took such a toll that even several seasons later she is still a specter which hangs over everyone. Jean Grey is known for dying. Having bitten the dust more than once, Jean always leaves a massive unfillable hole in the hearts of her teammates. She has been dead for several years now, but her name is not far from the lips of those who loved her.


Magneto is Thomas Barrow

The Under Butler at Downton, Thomas Barrow walks a fine line between hero and villain. Concerned more for his own personal gain than anything else, it is fairly common to see Thomas scheming against everyone in his life. It is hard to like Barrow at times, but when push truly comes to shove, he is there to help the family as best he can. Sounds almost exactly like our favorite master of magnetism. Magneto has been a villain, then a hero, then a villain, then a hero more times than X-Men fans can count. Once all is said and done though, Magneto is in it for what he deems best. If that means ripping Wolverine to shreds one day and then having a beer with him the next, then so be it.