Clue: The Literary Edition

Posted by Jamie Canaves

We at Quirk love a good board game almost as much as we love a good book. (Okay, maybe not quite as much as a good book.) So naturally, why can't we have both? Each month, we're going to reimagine a classic board game with a literary twist. First up, Clue!

Ah detective, you're here, excellent! The seminar, Life As A Fictional Character, taught by John Body at J.K. Rowling’s secret mansion has been interrupted by a ruckus. Which is to say…a murder! We need you to use your world famous detective skills and search the six rooms for clues to solve the mystery of who…where…and with what?   

Welcome to Literary Clue where the police have six possible suspects detained for questioning!


Was it Mr. Green Turtle? Or Ms. Violet—was there gum found on the body? Or Encyclopedia Brown?


Or could it have been The Man in the Yellow Hat? Maybe Mr. Black? Ms. Scarlett looks awfully suspicious… (It should be noted her “guilty face” might actually be an “annoyed face” because the police continue to misspell her name with only one “T” no matter how many times she corrects them.)

The police have six possible weapons that they found during their initial search of the premises:

Was Mr. Body murdered with a Flamingo Mallet stolen from the Queen of Hearts? Or Iocane Powder?—It is the deadliest poison known to man. Or was it with the Moon Stick?—which really has the police confused.

Annie Wilkes’ sledgehammer sure does have a lot of DNA on it, as does Michonne’s sword. And then there’s that curtain rod—deadly in the wrong hands.

The police have six possible rooms the murder may have occurred in:

Could the murder have happened in the library?—Oh the horror, shield the books! The Chocolate Room? (Police note: Stop contaminating evidence by eating things.) Or was it in the very proper Drawing Room?

Of course there’s the Tigers’ Clubhouse? The grand Staircase—did anyone hear Mr. Body’s body thumping down the stairs? Could a murder have been committed in a lovely Secret Garden?

So many clues and options to consider…*Channels Sherlock*
Guess we’ll go first: Ms. Scarlet(t), in the staircase, with the curtain rod!

Went with the Wind Carol Burnett Parody

Take your turn in the comments and tell us Who? Where? And with what weapon?

P.S. There may be an Easter Egg that gets you bonus points!