Clone Club Book Club: We Pick Perfect Reads for All of Orphan Black

Posted by Jamie Canaves

Maybe at the moment everyone is a bit too busy trying to stay alive to get through any reading challenges but I like to think Alison would force everyone to make time for book club. Or maybe Helena has dreamt the whole thing. Either way here’s an imagined Orphan Black Book Club with each character’s book selection for their designated month.

Sarah Manning decides to start the graphic novel iZombie, loving the idea of a zombie with enough heart to pick already deceased victims for brain consumption—but she doesn’t tell anyone that. She just shrugs and says, “I like zombies.”


Alison Hendrix, being the overachiever, is adamant about choosing two books: Gone Girl so she can force Donnie to read it; Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts (the group responds with severe eye rolls) because she wants to spend more time in her craft room.


Felix Dawkins thinks they can be doing better things with their time, including partying or painting, but comes for Sarah. He decides on The Picture of Dorian Gray (suggested by Mrs. S who knows he never read it in school when he was supposed to) figuring anything set in London and listed under Horror can’t be too terrible.


Helena pulls from her jacket a “borrowed” copy (Don’t steal books!) of The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook because she wants her seestras to make the recipes so she can eat them. Mmmmm sugar.


Cosima Niehaus selects Signal to Noise. While her analytical brain doesn’t believe in magic she likes the idea of escaping into a coming of age story filled with love, music and yes, some magic.


Rachel Duncan has secretly read and reread Katherine Stone’s romance novels for years and selects her favorite The Cinderella Hour. But  she pretends to do so as a joke because no one can know her secret. No one!


Donnie Hendrix—dragged by Alison and not allowed to count the evening as a date night—picks Ready Player One, wanting an adventure that at least has the possibility of a huge payday at the end.


Delphine Cormier selects The Rosie Project, wanting to read about a geneticist in search of love. She’s hoping Cosima will want to share a copy.


At the end of every book club meeting, after Helena has eaten all the snacks and everyone is done arguing and discussing books, there is always a dance party.