Bookish Pumpkin Templates: Warren the 13th and More

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

Is the Halloween season truly spooky if you don't carve at least one pumpkin? We'll answer that for you: nope. Get yourself a pumpkin, some carving utensils, and settle in. We've rounded up some great literary pumpkin carvings to give you inspiration.

As an added bonus, Will Staehle created a Warren the 13th carving template for you to print out and recreate at home!


Bride of Frankenstein

This template (with bonus tips!) by Sean Brown is pretty spectacular. Let's hope we don't cut off half her face when sculpting that glorious cheekbone.



This carving template by The Pumpkin Wizard looks…intense. If you're up for it, show this pumpkin who's boss. Don't shy away when this template inevitably yells, "Fly, you fools!"


Moby Dick

If Moby Dick  doesn't make a killer pumpkin, then call us Ishmael. This stencil by Stencil Revolution is simple and gives off a literary vibe without trying too hard. We suggest propping up a copy of the book next to your pumpkin—just not too close, especially when you light it up!


The Fault in Our Stars

Get into the YA spooky spirit with this carving stencil by She Knows. The difficulty level guide is super useful if you're one of those people who always go in over their head. (Ahem, like us.)


Warren the 13th

Let Warren grace your pumpkin's face with this exclusive printable designed by Will Staehle! What a good lookin' side profile.