8 Fictional Bellhops Warren the 13th Can Seek For Advice

Posted by Jamie Canaves

Warren the 13th  is having a bit of a rough time lately—his uncle has married Anaconda, of the evil step-aunt variety, and the hotel business isn’t doing much business. Until of course, news of the All-Seeing-Eye treasure gets out and Warren can’t keep up with the crazed guests. While he’s a smart and resourceful little boy, it never hurts to have some help—even if it’s in the form of a cautionary tale—so we’ve rounded-up some bellhops who Warren might like to call upon.

1. Pee-Wee Herman

He can provide cameo-in-a-biopic advice if Warren’s tale ever makes it to the big screen.


2. Ted the Bellhop

He knows what seriously terrible and troublemaking guests are like at a hotel that has fallen on hard times. Once Warren turns 18, Ted can share the stories from his insane first night as a bellhop.


3. Amy Yakima and Fik-Shun Stegall

If Warren’s ever looking to put on a show for guests or add something special to earn more tips he can turn to this dynamic duo for some dance moves.


4. Phil

Hot Tub Time Machine's bellhop is available if Warren is interested in time travel or needs a warning about dangerous side hobbies.


5. Dinosaur Robot

If Warren is ever curious about the future of the hotel industry—robots!—we’re certain the Henn-na Hotel will be happy to answer any of his questions.


6. RJ Haddy

Maybe the Warren Hotel needs employee uniform makeovers? If so, this special effects artist has some fantastic ideas.


7. Zero

For those times when Warren could use a spritz of L'air de panache. 


8. Lego Bellhop

For some for-decoration-only help, Warren can buy a lot of Legos and get to work. 

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