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Posted by Sam Maggs

It’s Book Pop! time here on the Quirk blog, and what online convention would be complete without its very own Artist Alley? Always my favorite part of any IRL con, Artist Alley is where you can find all your favorite creators selling their very best merch, grab original commissions, and even discover folks of whom you’ve never heard, but are now suddenly your new favorite artist. 

For Book Pop!, here’s my personally-curated Artist Alley. RIP your wallet.


Jen Bartel

Favorite Item: Don’t @ Me pin

 Everyone wants to show their support for their local Girl Gang with Jen’s pins and prints – even Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz. Her stuff sells fast and her online store closes intermittently, so grab the goods while you can!





Kate Leth

Favorite Item: Witches N' Food Temporary Tattoos

The internet’s favorite comic writer/artist has her very own webstore up on Topatoco, where you can grab gems like her San Junipero enamel pin, an “All Books are Girl Books” tote, or (if you’re a big fan, like me), even a “Lethbian” patch.




Paulina Ganucheau

Favorite Item: Bunny Love pin set

The illustrious illustrator of Dark Horse's fantastic magical girl series Zodiac Starforce, Paulina makes all the best merch for those of us out there who are soft, but still strong.






Favorite Item: Galaxy Ita-Bag

It wouldn't be a complete con floor experience without hitting up the Sanshee booth! While they have a lot of incredible licensed merch, I particularly love their new Ita-Bag. Now I have a place to show off all the other pins I bought!




Cara McGee

Favorite Item: UGH Shark

Cara is incredible at taking your favorite characters and turning them on their heads with a rad twist (the punk Doctor Who art is a real gem). One day I will get her double-daggers rogue piece as a tattoo, I swear.





Kate Gabrielle

Favorite Item: Future Ex-Mrs. Malcolm pin

 It may not come as a shock to you at this point, but I (and everyone else at cons, really) love enamel pins, and no one has a more adorable collection than Kate. I especially recommend everything Jeff Goldblum-related.





Wendy Xu

Favorite Item: Petty Auntie

Wendy is internet-famous for her comics and merch about Terry Shin, your Pigeon Boyfriend. Don't ask; it makes more sense if you just go with it. He just wants to make you a nice dinner and take care of you, okay?





False Luck 

Favorite Item: Shoujo dad hat

“All my Exes Live with Hexes” is the slogan on the first pin I ever saw from False Luck, and that pretty much sets the tone for their store. If you’re cute but also cruel, this is the spot for you.





House of Darkly

Favorite Item: Plush Post-It Magnetic Sticky Note

Anne makes the world’s most adorable plushies out of items that you’d just never think could be plushified. Kale Salad? That weird green cooler from Supernatural? The bat from The Walking Dead? You name it, she’s got it.





Yoshi Yoshitani

Favorite Item: Bitch Please Senshi card pack

Her Sailor Scouts are here to fight in the name of love, and also in the name of messing you the heck up. I carry around her card set in my purse just in case any dude ever tries to get fancy with me.






Favorite Item: Soft & Smol pin

These pins! Are so adorable! I don't even know how to describe them! They're just! So cute!!






Favorite Item: Gripped You Tight stickers

A page for sports fans and genre fans alike, Meg's store features fanart for the most discerning gamer, Destiel shipper, or Oilers nerd.





Jenn Woodall

Favorite Item: You Have Been Catcalled. What Do You Do? shirt

If you wear Jenn Woodall's art, everyone around you will know that you're not to be messed with. She has a Sailor Moon pin with both middle fingers up, y'all, and her Magical Beatdown comic is a fun, bloody ride.



That's all for now—but the internet is so full of wonderful creators that I encourage you to go out and find more! Check out the replies to this post for some fantastic recommendations, including Punimelt, D.J. Kirkland, Deanna Poppe, and more!




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Sam Maggs

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