Best Moby Dick Swag: A Roundup

Posted by Sarah Fox

Happy Birthday, Herman Melville! We're grateful you wrote your magnum opus, Moby Dick, because it not only has given us a deeper understanding of man’s struggle with God, but it has provided the inspiration for a lot of cool swag. And call us Ishmael if this swag isn't awesome.


Forget the band t-shirt. We're all all about the book angle. If you want to rep Moby Dick, we recommend this gray t-shirt. As far as the graphics go, that whale cannot be beat. Who wouldn't want to rock a whale on their tee–especially one with a smile bigger than an actor's from a toothpaste ad? Also, is it possible to get this shirt IN whale size so Moby Dick himself can don these threads? He'd be all about it, unless it hinders his swimming, because that's more important than looking cool.


There's no better way to drink coffee than out of a Moby Dick-inspired mug. Captain Ahab would be all about this. Imagine him sipping from his whale mug as he stands at the bow of his ship, searching for his enemy. Maybe he'd find the graphic a little unsettling, or maybe he'd just wave off the foreshadowing and focus on the dark blue waters. One thing you can say about Ahab is that the dude is dedicated. 


We're obsessed with these bookmarks illustrated with the book’s original artwork. Maybe not as obsessed as Ahab himself, but still. The only problem? Instead of reading the actual book, these gorgeous bookmarks keep distracting us.


We have two words for you: Arm. Candy. Let's be real, why would you use a tote to carry groceries when you could use it to carry books? If you want to catch the librarians’ eyes, we definitely recommend this beautifully illustrated tote.


Need the perfect puzzle to teach your kids (or let's be real, you) the importance of dedication? Try this one that depicts Moby Dick. Unlike the actual Moby Dick, this one is pretty easy to find. Thankfully, there's only 30 pieces to this puzzle. Ahab WISHES it were that easy. 


What would Moby Dick do? Unless you plan on a whaling trip sometime soon, you'll have to use this teddy bear instead. Prop him up in the corner of your room or office, and whenever you feel timid or small, look over at your bear and ask yourself, "What would Moby Dick do?" Prepare to be overcome with courageous, badass feelings, like you can sink a ship of men without batting a fin.


We know trucker hats are so early 2000’s, but we're making an exception for this one that features a white whale on it. Use this baby to protect your head and face from the elements on your next trip out to sea. Fashion takes a backseat to heat exhaustion, and if you stare at the sun, it may blind you long enough for you to trip over your peg leg. And that's no good. Never underestimate the importance of a hat.


Moby Dick is normally known for stealing body parts from people (like legs), but if you're worried about your personal items, this Moby Dick jewelry box will keep your belongings safe. As for your limbs? That's a gamble, friends.

Sarah Fox

Sarah Fox

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