Because Winter is Coming: A Roundup of Awesome Geeky Scarves

Posted by Basia Padlo

The weather is getting colder, which means scarf season is almost upon us. But you're bored with the usual fare–single-color pashminas with tassled ends, chunky crocheted infinity scarves. You want something fun, something different. Well, have we got the scarves for you.

Really, we think the creator of this Bat'leth scarf (pictured above) does an amazing job describing it: “Feeling a bit aggressive? Need to let your inner Klingon free? Then this is just the scarf for you. It can be used in battle or just worn around your neck to keep you or your favorite Klingon warrior warm.” You can snag the pattern over on Ravelry.


Are you looking for something a little more…literary? We’ve got you covered. Etsy, that magical place that makes all of our money disappear, is filled with scarves for book, poetry, and word enthusiasts. Whether you want a scarf featuring Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” (right) or Mr. Darcy’s proposal from Pride and Prejudice (left), you’ll be sure to find it here. Not into creative writing? You can also snag a dictionary scarf (not pictured), just in case you need to look up a word on the go.

Am I dating myself by bringing back Nyan Cat? Whatever, it’s a cat with a Poptart body and rainbow trail, and it is awesome. With this beauty draped around your neck, you’ll be keeping warm in colorful style. All you need now is your own theme music. You can find the pattern for this over on Etsy.

We haven’t forgotten about those of you who are scientifically inclined! Have you caught yourself trying to remember the atomic mass of Argon but it just isn’t coming back to you? Don’t feel like wasting your time (or your data) looking it up on your phone? Never fear! The period table scarf, available on Etsy, is the solution to all of your on-the-go chemistry needs.

Have you ever looked at a Magikarp and thought, “Man, that would make a really good scarf”? Yeah, me, neither. But someone did, which is why this scarf is possible. A throwback to the not-so-distant days when you played Pokemon (read: yesterday), we can only hope that this Magikarp scarf is more useful than Magikarp is on the battlefield. Get one for yourself over on Etsy.

Last but most certainly not least, my personal favorite on this list: the Kraken scarf. One big bonus of this is that it also doubles as a hat! Pull the Kraken body down over your head and wrap those tentacles around your neck and you’re set. No need to worry that the Kraken will suddenly decide it has a taste for you, either; you are its master now. In fact, with this scarf, you are master of the world. Take no prisoners. This amazing purchase is, predictably, available on Etsy.