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Other Things You Can Do on Tax Day (Now That You Don’t Have to Do Your Taxes)

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There are few things that are more dreaded than doing taxes—and with good reason! Taxes have a reputation for being complicated, time-consuming, and of course, difficult to get right. There’s always a fear that something is missing, that you won’t get the return you should, or (far worse) that you will make the kind of mistake that has the government releasing the hounds.

However, this year offers a surprise reprieve from springtime tax day, as the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted the IRS to announce that the tax deadline has been pushed. This is a welcome measure to help people affected by the global pandemic, but it’s also left people wondering just what to do with what would have been Tax Day. Thankfully, we’ve got some isolation-friendly (and bookworm-friendly) ideas for you, so you can celebrate having another couple of months to enjoy before knuckling down to that dreaded task.

Posted by Rose Moore

Pancake and Book Pairings

These fluffy circles of breakfast happiness are perfect for every morning. Whether you’ve always loved them, or missed out in childhood, we’re encouraging everyone to get out their griddle and start having some fun—and because everything in life is better with a book, we’ve even paired different types of pancakes with the perfect book to read while you enjoy them.

Posted by Rose Moore

Gifts for Grammar Lovers

Image by PDPics from Pixabay

March is the perfect month for those linguistic sticklers in your life, whether they're the ones always correcting your grammar or the ones who desperately want to! March 4th is officially Grammar Day, and March 8th is Proofreading Day, so it’s time to celebrate all things grammatical. Maybe you know someone who will fight to the death to defend the Oxford comma or a person who will wax lyrical about their favorite punctuation. Whether it’s a love for grammar itself or, let’s face it, a love of being right, it’s time to celebrate these grammar-loving folks with some fun gifts.

Posted by Rose Moore

Biggest Blowout Birthday Parties In Pop Culture

Another leap year is here, and while some people might think of surprise proposals or an "extra" day, anyone with a birthday on February 29th knows why the last day of the month is going to be one of the biggest of the year—because it’s time to roll four birthdays into one! Sure, 29thers can just choose to celebrate their big day on the 28th or the 1st for the rest of the time, but it’s just not quite the same…and when there’s an excuse to throw a blowout party four times as big as any other birthday, why not take it?! So for all those leap year babies, we’ve got some inspiration for your 2020 party, straight from the biggest and best celebrations in pop culture.

Posted by Rose Moore

Best Bards in Pop Culture

Netflix’s The Witcher finally proves that it is possible for a live-action adaptation of a video game to be a smash hit, even if uber-fans know that it’s really an adaptation of a book series to start with. Fans are loving the intricate timeline, the incredible swordfights, and of course, Geralt’s wide-ranging vocabulary.

It’s not just Geralt that fans love, though. The character that may well be the ultimate spotlight-stealer isn’t the powerful Yennefer or the magical Ciri, but the singing sensation that is Jaskier. Originally called Dandelion in the books, Jaskier is the perfect Bard; he’s wandering the realm, creating catchy stories and tunes for money, seducing everyone he can get his hands on, and acting as both narrator and comic relief. So toss a coin to your Witcher, and celebrate all the other pop culture Bards we love, from Gilmore Girls to Harry Potter.

Posted by Rose Moore

Book Recs for the Characters in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine has just launched its seventh season, with an eighth already confirmed, and fans are thrilled that this epic cop comedy has found a new home on NBC and can keep making us laugh. Police work may be serious business in the real world, but in this fictionalized slice of Brooklyn, it is anything but, with the detectives of the Nine-Nine constantly getting up to all kinds of ridiculous hijinks…and with all that going on, it’s unlikely that most of them have any time to read (except Amy, of course, who will always find time to read), but in case they do, we’ve got the perfect picks for each of them! 

Posted by Rose Moore