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10 Page-To-Screen Scenes That Nailed It

In an ideal world, film adaptations would satisfy everyone. The author’s vision would be realized exactly as they wanted it to be, the casting would be flawless, and the producers would somehow manage to cram every nuance and detail into two hours. The world, however, is far from ideal, and it’s almost a gut reaction to claim that the book is always better.

But sometimes, there are certain scenes in a book adaptation that are pitch-perfect interpretations of the source material. Here are our top ten movie moments that perfectly capture their book counterparts: 

Posted by Rose Moore

A Bookworm’s Guide To Literary Tattoos

If you love the look of ink on paper, you may be one of the many readers who is transferring their passion to their own skin. Of course, finding a favorite tattoo artist is similar to finding a favorite author, and for every J. K. Rowling (or Nikko Hurtado) there are dozens of hacks and scratchers (the term for untrained and barely capable “tattoo artists” who can usually be found working out of their garage for cheap).

Likewise, deciding exactly what to get can feel overwhelming; that’s where a great artist really comes into their own. How many of us have had a great idea for a book, only to be unable to get the words on paper? Designing a tattoo is something like that, except that you can’t go back and edit (at least, not without a great deal of thought, time and pain!).

If you are just starting to consider the kind of literary tattoo you might want, here’s some advice to help you out.

Posted by Rose Moore

The Great American Road Trip: Recommended Reads

Windows down, volume up, everybody. If you are looking for a little inspiration for your summer travels, check out this incredible interactive map pictured above: Atlas Obscura’s Guide To Literary Road Trips. This amazingly detailed project takes twelve books that center on a great journey, and catalogs every stop mentioned on the way along with quotes describing them. Of course, if you’d rather travel the country without leaving the comfort of your favorite armchair, there are plenty of novels to get that road trip feeling from home. Whatever mood you are in, you can explore America, and still be home for dinner. Check out our recommendations: 

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Tips for Dealing With Your #SDCC FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

There’s no doubt that the biggest event of the geek calendar is San Diego Comic-Con. Mecca for the pop culture inclined. Nerdvana. 

Every year, 130,000 fans descend on San Diego for five days of panels, screeners, parties and event—if they were lucky enough to get a ticket. It’s so huge, so stupendously, mind-numbingly popular, that (according to this unofficial SDCC Blog) there’s only around a 6% chance of getting in. Around a million hopefuls attempted to snag a badge this year, and that’s just the ones who could have actually gone. Who knows how many more fans will be sitting at home come July 8th, mournfully gazing at their computer screens, wishing that they could be one of the privileged few rubbing shoulders with the glitterati of geekdom. 

If you’re one of those suffering from a severe case of SDCC FOMO, fear not! Here are some tips on how to deal: 

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The Best (And Worst) Chick Lit Movie Adaptations

Ahh, chick lit. For some, it’s a dirty word, for others, a guilty pleasure. I most definitely fall into that latter category, and I’m betting that most do (at least in the privacy of their own homes), if only judging by the sheer numbers turned into chick flicks.

However, chick lit isn't easy to translate from page to the screen. In the right hands, books get amazing adaptations to make even the pickiest reader smile, and in the wrong ones… well, quirky girls become caricatures, with none of the self-discovery and soul that made for perfect bubble bath reading. Never fear: if you're in the mood for a little light watching, here are the best, brightest, and sassiest film adaptations, as well as one or two better left to the bargain bin!

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Could We BE Any More Literary? The Top Nine Bookish Episodes of Friends

Admit it, you’ve been binge-watching FRIENDS on Netflix. We all have. The show was a 90s sensation, and despite the characters being impossibly attractive people in impossibly large apartments, their navigation of life in their twenties is just as relevant now as it was then. Re-watching, I still relate to the trials and tribulations of everything from singledom to weddings, bad jobs to wonderful careers, and awkwardness to confidence, all with a little help from your friends.

But where are all the books? Every other scene sees the cast flipping through magazines or perusing the paper (remember newspapers?). But a shot rarely opens to find Monica at Central Perk with a book, or Phoebe flashing her library card. Even their apartments are bookshelf-free zones! Nevertheless, there are a few episodes celebrating the joy of reading, and I took it upon myself to find the nine best ones.

Posted by Rose Moore