Gifts for Grammar Lovers

Posted by Rose Moore

Image by PDPics from Pixabay

March is the perfect month for those linguistic sticklers in your life, whether they're the ones always correcting your grammar or the ones who desperately want to! March 4th is officially Grammar Day, and March 8th is Proofreading Day, so it’s time to celebrate all things grammatical. Maybe you know someone who will fight to the death to defend the Oxford comma or a person who will wax lyrical about their favorite punctuation. Whether it’s a love for grammar itself or, let’s face it, a love of being right, it’s time to celebrate these grammar-loving folks with some fun gifts.



Shop this mug on Etsy at Parkside Mugs!

Grammar Police Mug

The best way to comfort an editor? “Their, they’re, there!” This mug is the perfect way for any grammar nerd to sip a comforting hot drink after coming across yet another person who doesn’t know the difference—and to remind them that it will all be okay, no matter how annoying it may be in the moment. From Etsy seller Parkside Mugs, it can also be customized with a name. Just make sure you get the spelling right!



Shop these pencils on Etsy from FlyPaperProducts!

Pencils for Your Inner Editor

It may be far more enjoyable to make those corrections in bright red pen, but for the pencil aficionado, we love these pencils from Etsy seller FlyPaperProducts. Each one is printed with an appropriate reminder on everything from penmanship to proofreading. And of course, for those days where you really want to make a point with your pencil, there’s one to remind everyone else that even when it’s not said out loud, the grammar-checker is going full speed in your head.



More Badder Grammar!

If you really want a gift to infuriate the grammar lover in your life, More Badder Grammar! is guaranteed to get the job done. Featuring misspelled signs from all over, each image is sure to make a grammar lover groan. And if they really love it? There’s even a Facebook group where users upload their favorite misspelled signs from out in the real world.

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Shop this shirt on Etsy from GrammaticalArt!

Owl Is Judging You

Want to wear that love of grammar on your sleeve? This owl shirt by GrammaticalArt on Etsy is the perfect way to do so without going completely over the top. From a distance, it may just look like a fun owl shirt, but close up, it’s clear that this owl is judging your grammar (just like the individual wearing the shirt). GrammaticalArt also offers a range of other shirts and totes for avid proofreaders, including celebrations of more obscure grammar, like the interrobang.



Shop this phone case on Society6!

Oxford Comma Phone Case

Perfect for anyone who will always and forever be correcting those texts! This phone case (available for a range of models including iPhone and Galaxy) lets the world know that yes, the Oxford Comma is the hill that you will die on. And the best part is that it includes an example, so it’s a perfect way to educate anyone who asks about it!



Shop this tee on Etsy from BootsTees!

Schwa Tee

Finally, we’ve got the perfect shirt for anyone who manages to love grammar without letting it stress them out. This Schwa tee (from Etsy seller BootsTees) is for those who find the usual "your/you’re" debates, or even the Oxford comma, just a little too common, but knows there’s just no need to get worked up about it. And it’s a perfect reminder that days like Grammar Day and Punctuation Day should be a reason to enjoy those little grammatical quirks and to remind yourself to be like the Schwa—never stressed!