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Literary Roles of Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart’s name may be forever connected to the Twilight Saga, but Bella Swan is far from the only book character that the actress has brought to life. In fact, the bulk of Stewart’s filmography is actually literary adaptations – or inspired by the world of literature, like the recent J.T. LeRoy, a film about the woman who spent years pretending to be a fictional person, the author known as J.T. LeRoy. She’s also appeared in adaptations of children’s books, like Zathura: A Space Adventure, and even her first ever credited role was in The Safety of Objects, a film based on short stories. She’s covered classics, new stories, and even fairytales (in Snow White and the Huntsman), but these are some of her best (and best-known) literary roles… not including Twilight!

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Best Moths in Pop Culture

Summer is well and truly here, and that means that the nights are filled with barbeques and patio drinks…and of course, moths, who just can’t stay away from those party vibes! As well as being an uninvited guest at summer gatherings, moths are the underrated cousin to the butterfly in the world of pop culture. They aren't as flashy or as colorful, and there are far fewer moth characters to be found in the pages of books or on the screen, but there are a few. This month, we are celebrating the dark and fuzzy winged ones that appear across fictional world and in pop culture, whether they're the star of the show or just a helpful little friend.

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Wholesome Celebrities We’d Love to Show Up in Video Games

Screenshot from Cyberpunk 2077

As the world has been watching, Keanu Reeves has been quietly turning 2019 into the year of the Reeves. Between the third installment of the massively popular John Wick franchise, a hilarious role in Always Be My Maybe (that has fast become the stuff of meme-legend), a voice role in Toy Story 4, and then his appearance at E3 promoting Cyberpunk 2077, Keanu has been all over entertainment this year. It’s more than that, however. Reeves has been announced as the Internet’s Boyfriend because he’s just so darn lovely. In a world of constant negativity, Reeves’s unalloyed happiness and straightforward kindness is so refreshing that it’s no wonder the world has gone a little nuts about him.

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Cure Your Post-Endgame Sadness: The Most Resurrected Comic Book Characters of All Time

Photo by Picography from Pexels

*Warning: Spoilers abound, especially for Avengers: Endgame*

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Matching Books To Ariana Grande Songs

Photo by emy on Unsplash

Bookworms may sometimes find that they spend so much time indoors with a good book (or twelve) that pop-culture passes them by. But even those who have had to have their noses surgically removed from the inside of their favorite novels have heard of Ariana Grande. The Grammy award-winning singer has come a long way since she first appeared as an actress on Nickelodeon. She's racked up awards and is now lauded for her attitude, social media posts, charity work, and for speaking out about feminism and other issues.

While many of her songs focus on all the possible permutations of love (and the lack of love), Grande also sings about everything from work and money to her fabulous female friends. Just like a good book, her songs capture attention and tell a great story, so we’ve decided to match some of her biggest hits with these book pairs.

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Dad Jokes in Literature and Pop Culture

We had a ton of fun celebrating our dads last week for Father's Day…and it also brought out a ton of Dad jokes. After all, one of the great joys of being a parent is being able to make a child cringe, especially when it comes to cheesy jokes. Dad jokes are a staple of pop culture, as fathers in films, books, and TV strive to out-do each other when it comes to corny one liners and groan-inducing puns. And of course, while we may roll our eyes and shake our heads at them, everyone loves a dad who knows how to crack that joke at the perfect time.

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