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Men (of Literature) with Cats

Cat ladies get all the press. While much less documented, men love their cats, too! We've imagined the perfect feline companions for these men from literature, because hey, everyone needs a four-legged friend. 

Posted by Nik Searles

A Day of Maple Everything

When you think of maple syrup, you probably think of pancakes, French toast, etc. What if I told you maple syrup can have a bigger, more important role in your life, outside of brunch hours? With the guidance of Maple by Katie Webster, I spent a day using maple syrup with every meal. 

I also explored its potential household, cosmetic, and medical usefulness. 

Posted by Nik Searles

DIY: A Book Banana Split

A banana split is traditionally an ice cream-based dessert. But with a little imagination, you can make one with other things…even books. Although a book banana split may not be as delicious to your tongue as the real thing, its ingredients can be rather satiating to your soul.

Posted by Nik Searles