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The Many Eras of Lily James

It’s hard to say what it is about Lily James that makes her seem timeless. Is it her classic look, or spirited acting that reminds us of a storybook heroine? Whatever it is, she’s played more characters in period costume than modern fashion, and we’re not complaining. Let’s take brief tour through time with Lily.

Posted by Eve Legato

5 Fictional Cats Who Would Be Instagram Sensations

With our aww-some Men with Cats book about to come out, we’ve got cats on the mind. Specifically, photographed cats. And maybe we’re thinking about this too much, because we’ve come up with five fictional cats who we’d love to follow on Instagram. You know you’d heart them too.

Posted by Eve Legato

We Heart These #Bookstagram Photos of the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Boxed Set

One of the most unique parts of the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series is how old vintage photographs and story come together to build the atmospheric world of the peculiars. So of course the brand-new Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children Boxed Set includes a special collector’s envelope of twelve peculiar photographs, in addition to the three books.

We sent some of our favorite Bookstagrammers the boxed set, and they showed us how they displayed the photographs. The results made us want to buy a vintage camera of our own. 

Posted by Eve Legato

5 Ways to Have Maple Syrup for Dinner

Like breakfast foods for dinner, some things may sound wrong but are just so right. The same can be said for maple syrup in savory dishes. Working on Maple has had Quirk HQ slathering the sweet stuff on tons of dishes we never thought to maple-fy before. And thanks to author Katie Webster's recipes, the results were as one might put it, suh-weeet! So in honor of the book's on-sale day, here’s what Katie’s recipes has taught us about having maple syrup for dinner! (As regaled by publicist extraordinaire Val Howlett.) 

Posted by Eve Legato

4 Little Women Adaptations We Wish Would Happen

Recently, The CW bought a script for a TV adaptation of Little Women. Sounds great, right? What if I told you that this “gritty adaptation” re-sets our archetypal story of domestic sisterhood in dystopian Philadelphia? Would you ask the question I asked, the question on all Little Women fans’ minds: Why?

Posted by Eve Legato