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Bartenders Who Could Use More Magic



Bartenders are kind of superheroes already, considering everything they have to juggle, so it makes sense to imagine them as magical. One of our newest books, Last Call at the Nightshade Loungeis all about monster-fighting bartenders who gain magical powers from mixing (and drinking) the perfect cocktail. Which got us thinking: what other fictional bartenders could benefit from a little magic? Here are a few:

Posted by Eve Legato

Gifts to Make Your Mom the Coolest in her Book Club

Sometimes your mom is the hardest person to shop for. How to you choose a gift good enough for someone who spent years changing your diapers, taking care of you when you were sick, and making sure you had good stuff to read?

We don’t know how to recommend a gift that matches your mom’s commitment, but if your mom is in a book club, we can recommend Mother’s Day gifts that are more personal than a scented candle. Let us walk you through five ways to make your mom the most impressive member of her literary group.

Posted by Eve Legato

Literary Characters Who Could Be on Reality TV

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, some reality TV shows are so well-known that they must tap into some human instinct. Maybe even some literary instinct? Because we know plenty of characters from books who would be great candidates for reality television. Here are a few.

Posted by Eve Legato

Self-Help Books for Shakespeare’s Characters

From villains to tragic heroes, these days, there’s a whole self-help genre that might have provided comfort for Shakespeare's tortured characters. Here are some books we wish we could recommend:

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Book Recommendations for Captain Planet

This Earth Day, and we’re reminiscing about the ultimate Earth Day hero, Captain Planet. Technically, he only exists when the planeteers combine their powers, but let’s imagine that when they’re not in need of him, he’s hanging out somewhere, maybe in a bamboo hammock or tiny house, catching up on his reading. Here are some books Captain Planet would love.

Posted by Eve Legato

Other Resurrections in Literature Besides Jesus

(Okay, but we definitely included some allegorical Jesus)

In this season of Easter, a.k.a. Resurrection Appreciation Day, we think there’s a topic applicable to bookish fans of all faiths: the best resurrections in literature.  

Posted by Eve Legato