Announcing Tapestry

Posted by Brett Cohen


Please allow me to introduce you to Tapestry–a new mobile story-telling platform that uses taps to push the story forward. It's crazy fun and completely addictive. We promise. And, the Quirk Books Channel is part of Tapestry's launch–which is happening today, like right now!

We have 6 stories that we're excited to share with you.

William Shakespeare's Star Wars (

Broetry (

Bachelor Man & New Dad. Different but the Same. (

Stuff Every Man Should Know (

Read More Books: The Future (

Read More Books: The Scroll (

Tapestry is also available as an app for iPhone and iPad. Enjoy!

Brett Cohen

Brett Cohen

Brett likes his vodka on the rocks, his meat on the grill, and his Sundays on the couch watching football.  As VP, he likes Quirk’s projects to deliver on time, the P&Ls to be on budget, and sales to exceed expectations. He's the author of Stuff Every Man Should KnowStuff Every Dad Should Know and the co-author of Recipes Every Man Should Know.