Recommendations and Resources from Flora Ahn for AAPI Month

Posted by Gaby Iori

Looking for ways to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month today and every day? Check out this roundup of resources from Flora Ahn, author of A Spoonful of Time and the upcoming A Brush with Magic!


About A Spoonful of Time:

When You Reach Me meets Love Sugar Magic in this unforgettable middle grade novel where time travel, family recipes, and family secrets collide.

Maya’s grandmother, Halmunee, may be losing her memory, but there’s something almost magical about the way she cooks. Whether Halmunee serves salty miyeokguk or sweet songpyeon, her stories about Korea come to life for Maya.

Then one day, something extraordinary happens: a single delicious bite of patbingsu transports Maya and Halmunee back into one of Halmunee’s memories. Suddenly they’re in Seoul, and Halmunee is young.

This is just the first of many secrets Maya will uncover: that she and her grandmother can time-travel, and they aren’t the only ones with this ability. As Maya eats her way through the past, her questions multiply—until a shocking discovery transforms everything she thought she knew about family, friendship, loss, and time itself.

Brimming with heart and interspersed with seven family recipes that readers can make themselves, this is a story to savor by rising Korean American author Flora Ahn.


Have your copy? Great! Now, dig into this resource roundup:


Cooking Activity Kit

Feeling hungry after reading? Try out the dishes from the book for yourself with this Cooking Activity Kit! Test out mellow and savory tteokguk or half-moon-shaped songpyeon, and enter the magical, delicious world of A Spoonful of Time. You can even write down your favorite family recipes and make your own cooking playlist so you can dance, dine, and make memories.


Download the Cooking Activity Kit





Educators’ Guide

A Spoonful of Time is a delightful story of family, food, and magic. This curriculum guide, with connections to the Common Core, mixes an array of language arts activities, book discussions, vocabulary instruction, and more to accommodate the learning needs of most students in grades 4–7. Students are asked to be careful

 readers without jeopardizing the joy of reading.

Download the Educators’ Guide


Discussion Guide

From time travel to cooking to Korean culture, there’s a lot to talk about after reading A Spoonful of Time! Download this discussion guide so you can chat with friends, family, and book clubs using these thought-provoking questions.

Download Discussion Guide


And don’t forget to preorder Flora’s next book, A Brush with Magic, out on October 22, 2024!

A heartfelt, magical middle grade adventure—inspired by Korean folklore and set in modern-day Seoul—about sisterhood and belonging, perfect for fans of Kelly Yang and Janae Marks.

It’s finally summer break, and twelve-year-old Yumi is headed to Korea with her older sister, Minji, for the very first time. She can’t wait to explore the city of Seoul together—but Minji has other plans. The moment they land, Minji ditches Yumi to hang out with their cousins, who are more fashionable, better at soccer, and all-around cooler than Yumi. Lost and alone, Yumi is stuck at home painting with her grandfather.

Everything changes when she finds an intriguing ink brush in a neighborhood art shop—and she accidentally summons a creature straight out of her grandfather’s retellings of Korean fairy tales. With a new friend by her side and an ink brush that has the power

to bring anything she paints to life, Yumi feels unstoppable. From bustling street markets and ancient palaces to riding the subway, Yumi and her friend explore everything Seoul has to offer.

But when the magic takes a dark turn, Yumi must dig deep to hear her own voice and protect the family she loves—even if they don’t always understand each other.

Preorder now!


Even more resources: