A Look Inside Fictional Characters’ Fanny Packs

Posted by Stefani Sloma

For some reason the fanny pack is one of those trends that just keeps trying to come back. We get it—fanny packs are incredibly useful. They’re hands-free, fit a ridiculous amount of useful things in their many, many pockets, and, yes, they’re even sometimes in really cool fabrics. So maybe the trend makes a bit of sense. But have you considered what some of your favorite fictional characters would carry inside their fanny packs? No? Well, we have.


Hermione Granger

Hermione is now a mom and the Minister of Magic; two super hard jobs that require a lot of different supplies. We know that Hermione’s bags have been known to carry more than what you’d expect, so we think she’d love the idea of a fanny pack. First, she would totally buy from Serengetee where her money would go to businesses around the world. Then she’d stuff it full of everything a busy woman like herself needs—a brush to tame that mess on her head, her wand, a bottle (or three) of Butterbeer for after a long day at the office, a few…dozen potions, and an entire collection of books, of course. We also think she’d take up Sherbet Lemons in honor of Dumbledore.



Van Helsing

Hear us out! Van Helsing was a monster hunter, and what else do monster hunters need except weapons, which are incredibly hard to keep hold off when you’re running around killing people. Nothing would have helped Van Helsing out more than a fanny pack that’s hands free! No more worrying about bags or tucking stakes into his belt. We think that he could’ve used a fanny pack for his “just in case stakes” and a bit of spare garlic.



Sherlock Holmes

Can you just imagine Sherlock Holmes (we’re thinking Benedict Cumberbatch-Holmes here) with a FANNY PACK? Just sit there and think about that for a couple of minutes. He could keep a lock-picking kit in there, a magnifying glass, some pens, some drugs (don’t judge!), his cell phone, and probably a few stray bullets from a past case. And we know he’d look super fashionable doing it. Could this replace the deerstalker hat as THE clothing item we know Sherlock for?



The Doctor

We can’t really picture any of the past Doctors with a fanny pack (oh, who are we kidding, of course we could!), but each Doctor tends to have their own fashion sense and style. We’re thinking the next Doctor could pick a fanny pack as the thing he’s known for. Ten was known for his trench coat, Eleven for his bowtie, Four for his ridiculously long scarf, Thirteen for his fanny pack? (Don’t worry; we don’t think the Doctor is regenerating. This is just wishful thinking). The Doctor would obviously keep his Sonic Screwdriver in there, some random candy or cookies that would totally save the day in a pinch, a dinosaur tooth or two, and a few other random souvenirs from his travels.



Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a busy lady. Saving lives, starring in a new movie, being a boss. We think a fanny pack could be just the thing she needs to keep all of her supplies in one place. A nice pack could hold her lasso of truth, her bracelets, and the power to fight the patriarchy all in one central place, allowing her to pull out which weapon she needs depending on the situation.