8 Awesome and Bookish Garden Accessories

Posted by Kristina Pino

Since we're book nerds inside and out, it only follows that we also show our booklove at home inside and out. Now that it's Spring (or is it snowing where you are? If so, maybe bookmark this for later…), it's a great time to turn your garden into a magical, bookish wonderland. Check out these cool items you can bring straight out of the pages of some of our favorite classics. 


You might need a sign that reminds visitors to keep off those beautiful plants you worked your butt off growing.


A Tinkerbell fountain provides some soothing sounds that make it rather pleasant to sit outdoors.


Some uniquely shaped planters would definitely give any garden that Wonderland flair.


Here's something a little different for anyone hankering for a new DIY project. Make your own little Hobbit home mini-gardens.


Birds are welcome too, right? Any Winnie the Pooh fan would surely be charmed by seeing one of these beehive-shaped bird houses.


Here's a great idea for a good tree: put some directional signage to various bookish places. This is only one example out of the many available from the same vendor.


For those who enjoy reading in their gardens, this rabbit reading lamp should set the mood.