6 Ways to Cheer Up Heathcliff

Posted by Sarah Fox

Okay, we get it. You have had a rough life, Heathcliff. Sure, it was pretty terrible that you were treated like a servant and your love married another guy. Still, that doesn’t give you a blank check to act like a jerk to everyone. We think this search for revenge is dragging you down, so we've gathered up some alternative activities to make you feel better.


Go to the Beach

Chase that last little bit of summer and take a trip to the beach. We think a huge factor in your gloom is dreary Wuthering Heights. Walk in the sun, splash around in water, get a tan, and eat an ice cream cone. Who knows? You might see a cute girl there that will help you move on.


Learn the Guitar

We think learning the guitar would be a great outlet for your feelings of rage and sadness. There are two ways you could take this: you could fully express your sadness and become an emo singer, or you could embrace the rage and go the whole heavy metal route. Either way, the ladies love musicians. Before you know it, you'll be saying, “Catherine who?”


Pick Up a Sport

Heathcliff, a huge part of your problem is that you're too stuck in your own head. We think physical activity is a great way to stop brooding. It's hard to think about life’s injustices when you're playing soccer or hitting a tennis ball. Also, there's the added benefit of endorphins. Besides, we're sure Catherine will be jealous when she sees your six-pack. And that's the type of revenge we are all about.


Volunteer for a Charity

You've done a lot of terrible things in your life, Heathcliff. You are not purely the victim here. I mean, running away with someone out of revenge? That definitely hurt your karma. Want to improve it? We recommend that you volunteer for a charity. We think helping at a soup kitchen or tutoring children might help you get a better perspective on life. Also, studies have shown that volunteer work makes you happier. You're not the only one suffering. You might take a break from inflicting pain on others and actually help alleviate it.


Take a Baking Class

Do you want to know what we do when we're sad? We eat a cookie! While this might not be the healthiest solution, it works wonders. A baking class would not only provide you with tasty sweets, but you will learn a cool new skill. Who knows? You might even be so inclined to bring cookies to all the people you have wronged as a way of apologizing.


Go to a Party

The easiest way to get over heartbreak is to go out and meet new people. We recommend you go to a party. You might not only find a new romance, but you might make some new friends. Even if you spend the whole night standing by the punch bowl, you will at least hear some good music and eat some tasty treats.

Sarah Fox

Sarah Fox

Sarah Fox is an editor, writer, writing consultant, and pop culture enthusiast. Besides regularly contributing to Quirk Books’ blog, she has published an edition of William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure. She lives in Washington D.C. with her husband and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. You can find her online at www.thebookishfox.com.