5 Geeky Bike Accessories to Flaunt Your Fandom

Posted by Hannah Frank

Image via Neatorama.com

Here at Quirk, we know a thing or two about being geeks. So in honor of National Bike Month, we’ve gathered up the coolest bike accessories with major nerd points. Whether you’re riding for business or pleasure, these awesome accoutrements will make you feel like a superhero just for dusting off the ‘cycle.



1. Captain America is a defender of justice and liberty… and now your eyes! These goggles are perfect for keeping the wind out of your eyes as you bike down a hydra agent or just pedal across town for a date at the dance hall.

2. Cap isn’t your only choice for Avenger swag. There’s also this Iron Man cycling shirt to make sure you feel exactly like Tony Stark – billionaire-playboy-philanthropist, only on a bike!

3. Japan is well-known for excellent marketing and tons of tie-in merchandise. Now, they’ve got wheel covers for your bike so you can proclaim publicly your love for Cardcaptor Sakura. Capturing Clow Cards might not be your day job, but Sakura won’t mind coming along to work with you.

4. This R2D2 Helmet is something no one would have to be Forced to wear. It’ll also come in handy for that Clone War we’re pretty sure is brewing. (We see you, Orphan Black.) This helmet is actually a DIY project. Here’s a guide to create your own.

5. And finally, one more custom item. A few years ago, Redditor “stole52” ordered a custom made bike rim to make him the sneakiest biker around – the One Rim To Rule Them All. This beautiful Lord of the Rings inspired bike rim comes with a hefty price tag – about $350, but we think it looks cool enough to maybe steal a little gold from Smaug and get this on our bikes.   

Hannah Frank

Hannah Frank

Hannah Frank is a creative writer, television aficionado, and cool ranch Doritos fan. She wishes she could live forever and is currently seeking advice on how to do so which does not include exercise, kale, or vampires.