5 Baby-Sitter’s Club Books Kimmy Schmidt Would Love

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

Kimmy Schmidt lives and breathes The Baby-Sitter’s Club Mystery #12: Dawn and the Surfer Ghost. At least she did when she was living in the bunker. Now that she’s out and living in New York, Kimmy’s reading list has expanded to include the entire Ann M. Martin backlist. To celebrate the second season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, here are five Baby-Sitter’s Club books Kimmy would love. 


New York, New York! (Super Special #6)

Who needs a guide book when you have the BSC? If we know Kimmy – and we do – she’s much more interested in seeing where Mallory and Claudia took art lessons than the top of the Empire State Building. And now that she lives there, the New York references will mean that much more.


Starring the Baby-Sitters Club (Super Special #9)

When Kimmy wants to find out more about Titus’ theatre career, she’d likely turn to Kristy’s feature role as Peter Pan in Stonybrook Middle School’s musical extravaganza. And when Titus comes home from yet another questionable audition for Spidermen Too: 2 Many Spidermen, she can share ballerina babysitter Jessi’s disappointment in being cast as a nameless pirate in a production that hosted open auditions for all elementary, middle, and high school students in the district.


Claudia Kishi, Middle School Drop Out (#101)

When Kimmy was looking into getting her GED, it’s likely she revisited Claudia’s education woes. But like the members of the BSC, Kimmy is smart and determined to reach her goals – despite fifteen years of lessons from Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne.


Kristy and the Snobs (#11)

Whenever Kimmy’s having trouble with Xanthippe, she probably turns to The Baby-Sitter’s Club #11 for strength. If Kristy can deal with a little snobbery, she can too! And we already know that Xan’s a BSC fan, so it’s possible she picked up a couple tips from the snobs in question.


Mary Anne and Too Many Boys (#34)

When Kimmy was stuck between the affections of daddy’s boy Logan Beekman and caring classmate Dong Nguyen, she probably turned to levelheaded Mary Anne for counsel. But Mary Anne’s just as torn as Kimmy. Does she want to date Alex, her Sea City summer fling, or Logan, her steady middle school boyfriend? And when will Stacey stop trying to run her life?