10 Temporary Literary Tattoos to Get Your Non-Permanent Book Geek On

Posted by Jamie Canaves

Nothing says you love something, and will love it always and forever, like having it permanently drilled into your skin. Luckily for us change-seeking-pain-avoiders there are temporary literary tattoos that look real *wink wink* and are sure to start many bookish conversations.

I’ve noticed that while Sir Mix-A-Lot’s eyes are on something…else, you’re busy lusting after big books, so shout your love with Tainted Tats Baby Got Books temporary tattoo and try not to get the song stuck in your head.


Have a kinship with Walter White over his love for Walt Whitman? TheFickleTattoo has the Whitman package, which includes a quote, a portrait and a leaf tattoo. Thoreau and Dickinson are also available.


If you still have too many feels from The Fault in Our Stars, PopGeekTattoos has a pain-free way to express your emotions with their Okay? Okay temporary tattoo.


Tattly’s Book Lover tattoo proves the best way to shop for books is with a giraffe—just make sure you have enough room on your shelves for all the books and a high enough ceiling for your new friend.


If you regularly stay up too late reading because you suffer from just-one-more-chapter syndrome MossandFerndesignco created the Sleep Less Read More tattoo just for you.


For the true literary pirate lover Litographs has the perfect Treasure Island tattoo sure to garner you some respect—gold sold separately.


Can’t decide between books and cats? Don’t. Equally love them both with SmashTat’s 2 Cat Book tattoo and 3 Book Lover tattoos.


Need something a bit more intense to represent your literary love? Tattify offers the Bookworm package with enough designs for a tattoo sleeve! Also perfect to share with your significant other or friends, especially Peter Pan and The Perks of Being a Wallflower fans.

Did you find a design to test-drive before making the permanent decision or a few you’re happy to temporarily sport? Tell us your dream bookish tattoo.