Worst-Case Wednesday: How to Survive a Bungee Jumping Disaster

Posted by Jade Gilmartin

It is the first thing many of us imagine when thinking about bungee jumping. What if the cord breaks?! This is much more concerning if you are planning to bungee jump where there will be no water below you, but if you will be plummeting into water, Worst Case Sceneario: Extreme Edition will advise you on your best chance of survival. If you have jumped and the rope snaps at the point where it is under the most pressure, you will have to act quick as you will only have roughly two seconds to prepare yourself for impact with the water.


1. Straighten your legs and body. Put your feet and legs together, and point your toes.

2. Tuck your chin into your chest as far as it will go. Avoid the urge to look at the water rushing up to meet you: It will result in black eyes, whiplash, or severe spinal trauma.

3. Point your arms below your head in a diving position. Ball your fists.

4. Enter the water fists first.

Your hands will break the surface tension of the water, putting less stress on your head. If the bungee cord was attached and broke at your rebound point, it will have slowed you almost to a stop, making for a relatively safe entry. If the cord was not attached or came loose during your fall, the impact will be more severe.