Worst-Case Wednesday: Creating Your Bastille Day Barricade

Posted by Jessica Lopez

Bastille Day in Philadelphia via VisitPhilly

With Bastille Day coming up this Saturday, July 14th, I looked to the Worst Case Scenario Almanac: History for some advice on how to celebrate this revolutionary holiday.

While you probably won’t get in a fight with bayonets, barricades are just the thing to keep your block party going all day long.

Here are some strategies to make sure it’s effective:

Build the barricades at strategic locations: block major roads and intersections.

Requisition supplies from local merchants: To avoid carrying supplies all over the city, have locals contribute to the cause.

Remove paving stones from the street: Paving stones are the main component in an effective barricade.

Build the walls: Leave approximately 20 feet between the walls to provide room for the storage of weapons as well as space to assemble and fight the advancing army.

Arm the barricade: Get ready.