The Essential Guide To Celebrating Bastille Day At Home

Posted by Christine Eriksen

One of my favorite Philadelphia traditions is held during the Bastille Day festival when a drag portrayal of Marie Antoinette stands high atop Eastern State Penitentiary throwing TastyKakes and saying, “Let them eat cake.”

Now for those of you I haven’t completely lost due to maximum Philadelphia reference saturation level or historical inaccuracy (blah blah blah, ‘Let them eat cake has been accreddited to many high ranking women before Marie Antoinette, blah blah blah), there are plenty of ways to celebrate Bastille day without leaving an air conditioned space.

First, a movie marathon.

Marie Antoinette: Even if you hate Kirsten Dunst, this is just a pretty movie with a great soundtrack.

Les Miserables: Because in case you’re wondering, France was miserable up until the storming of the Bastille.

Jane Lynch Movies: What? If France and musicals aren’t your thing, July 14 is Jane Lynch’s birthday which means you can burn the nearest set of Glee dvds and watch Lynch at her best in Best in Show and A Mighty Wind. She was also in Tallegeda Nights, and I know you aren’t too good for that movie.

Now, once you’ve started, get your baking and crafting supplies out, because it’s totally time to eat some French cake.

1. Petit Fours.

2. French Almond Cake with Green Tea Glaze.

3. Lavender & Lemon Cake (Pictured Above!)

4. Rose Icing. Because it’s all about fancy today!

5. Gateau Saint Honore with Francois.

6. Croquembouche.

While that cake is in the oven or you’ve sequestered your significant other to the kitchen to make it (the most recommended method of baking), try your hand at knitting or crocheting a little:

1. Knit Cupcakes (Pictured Above!)

2. Crochet Cake. This made my stomach rumble.

3. Knit Cake with Tons Of Stuff On It For No Reason.

4. Adorable Crocheted Angel Food Cake.

5. Chiffon (Hey that’s a french word!) Crocheted Cake.

Lastly, the most important. Fill your Spotify with Cake the Band. Rock Out, because Marie Antoinette definitely would have.