Winter Cocktails for Holidays at Hogwarts

Posted by Rose Moore

While we may not be able to transport you to Hogwarts for Christmas (sorry!), we can add a little of that Harry Potter magic to your menu with drinks from Winter Cocktails. This amazing collection of beautifully illustrated winter drinks has something for every occasion, whether you want to imagine yourself tucked up in the common room, celebrating with friends at the Three Broomsticks, or getting your very own knitted jumper at the Burrow on Christmas Day.

Gryffindor – Mulled Wine

With cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and honey, this spiced wine is perfect for sipping in the Gryffindor common room. The rich, complex flavor will warm you from head to toe, with just enough sweetness to balance out the spice – and the oranges and red wine are the perfect colors for the house. There’s also just a little brandy in the drink – a little liquid courage for anyone who needs some help with that famous Gryffindor bravery!


Slytherin – Bloody Good Punch

For the snobbish purebloods of Slytherin, nothing but the best will do. This champagne punch is perfect for toasting their slithery superiority, complemented with just a little sour (pure)blood orange and sweet almond liquor. However, don’t get too comfortable with this one- behind that classy façade there’s enough bourbon to give this punch a real kick! At least if you are slurring your words, you can just say you know Parsletongue…


Ravenclaw – Irish Coffee

Winter just means more time curled up with a good read for this bookish house. What better way to keep your mind sharp for those winter nights of studying than with a hot cup of coffee… and a little whiskey, just for fun. If whiskey isn’t to your taste, try the Cafecito (Kahlua) Good Morning Vietnam (white rum). Add some sweetened whipped cream, and it’s the perfect drink for the library (as long as you don’t have too many).


Hufflepuff – Hot Buttered Rum

It may seem a little odd to add vanilla butter to your rum, but that suits the quirky Hufflepuffs down to the ground. As the vanilla-flavored butter melts into the warm alcohol, it makes it silky smooth and just a little creamy, while keeping that wonderful rum flavor at the forefront. This cozy drink is perfect for something just a little bit different.


Honeydukes – Sweet Surrender 

The Hogsmeade sweet shop is always packed this time of year, so get that same sweetness in your cup, without having to venture out into the snow! The Sweet Surrender is a light and floral champagne cocktail, mixing chamomile vodka with tea and bubbly… and of course, plenty of honey to satisfy your sweet tooth. Cool and refreshing, it’s perfect for those who want their sweetness with a little fizz.


Slughorn’s Christmas Party – English Christmas Punch

What else would a traditionalist like Slughorn serve but a good old fashioned Christmas Punch? Similar to mulled wine, this warm spicy punch includes black tea and orange juice for a more complex flavor. It’s also less alcoholic than traditional mulled wine (despite the spiced rum!), so it’s perfect for a party where you don’t want the guests getting a little too rowdy.


The Yule Ball – White Witch

This chai-flavored white hot chocolate is an incredible blend of sweet, creamy and spicy, perfect for enjoying as you wind down from an incredible party. Add Amaretto to this delicious concoction for an extra kick, and you have the perfect brew for any white witch (or wizard).  


Christmas Dinner in the Great Hall – Pumpkin Bourbon Eggnog

What would winter be without eggnog? Creamy, sweet, and just a hint of spice, it’s the perfect drink for the season. At Hogwarts, however, it’s a little more magical with the addition of pumpkin, cinnamon and allspice. Bourbon gives it a little extra oomph, making this Christmas classic a must-drink, even if you aren’t going to be eating with a thousand floating candles overhead.


Christmas At The Weasely’s Burrow – Nutella Melt

The Burrow is the epitome of Christmas cosiness, with Molly fussing over everyone with comforting treats. This decadent hazelnut hot chocolate is just the kind of drink that Mrs Weasley would make for her family; blending sweet hot chocolate with something just a little bit quirky, and a childhood food favorite to make you feel right at home. She might not have added the hazelnut liqueur, but Fred and George would no doubt be happy to help with that!


The Three Broomsticks – Shandy

Ok, it may not quite be Butterbeer, but this mix of lager and ginger beer is a refreshing pub classic, perfect for anyone who wants something cool and refreshing, even when it’s cold outside. With three varieties for three broomsticks (classic, melba, and greyhound), this is a great simple drink to balance out all that rich holiday food.


Christmas at The Dursleys

Of course, if you were unlucky enough to have to spend the holidays with Vernon, Petunia and Dudley, there is only one drink that you would want… straight whiskey, and lots of it!