What’s In The Inhumans’ Library?

Posted by Rose Moore

[TV still from Inhumans, ABC Studios, Walt Disney Television, and Marvel Television]

Marvel is certainly not afraid of experimenting, especially when it comes to the latest small-screen addition to their cinematic universe, Inhumans. The new series officially premiered Sept 29, and a shortened version of the first two episodes were released in IMAX at the start of the month as well. It was an interesting move, for an interesting series concept: a group of genetically-enhanced royals who live on the moon, embroiled in family intrigue as one of their own takes the throne for himself.

The series features quite a large central cast, with multiple members of the royal family front and center, and each with their own distinct powers and personalities. We're taking a look at some of these fascinating new superheroes and the kind of books they would be found curled up with on a quiet evening in the Attilan library.



The de-facto leader of the Inhumans, Medusa (Serinda Swan) is actually the wife and Queen to Black Bolt, but as he cannot speak, she speaks for him. With the ability to control her super-humanly strong hair and use it as a weapon (or simply as useful prehensile extensions), this is a woman with powerful emotions and a strong grip on them. She would love novels that center on ethical dilemmas and female strength, like the works of Jodi Picoult, or Liane Moriarty’s bestselling The Husband’s Secret.


Black Bolt:

King of the Inhumans, Black Bolt’s (Anson Mount) voice is both his greatest strength and his biggest weakness. The slightest whisper can have devastating effects, and a shout can destroy an entire planet—which is why this King spends his days in silence. Initially ostracized, Black Bolt can seem cold and aloof, and doesn’t have the same kind of relationships that others do. He would love novels that speak to that experience. He’d be reading modern classics like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time (Mark Haddon), but would also love graphic novels for their unique form of storytelling that doesn’t rely on words, especially those like Shaun Taun’s The Arrival.



The power-hungry younger brother of Black Bolt, Maximus has been reaching for the throne for years—and Inhumans begins with his bid for power. Although he does have psychic powers, he hides these in the comics, leading to the others looking down on him for his relative weakness. Although he isn’t popular, he is incredibly intelligent, and would be all over series like The Pillars of the Earth (Ken Follett) and A Song of Ice and Fire (George RR Martin). We also think he might have a soft spot for Harry Potter!



As the youngest of the Inhumans, Crystal’s (Isabelle Cornish) role in the series is described as a journey of self-discovery, and a coming-of-age of sorts. In the comics, she truly comes into her own as a hero, with powers that allow her to control the elements (and, as a result, the weather). She also later falls in love with Quicksilver (although we aren’t likely to see that romance on screen), so she’d probably love some classic YA novels. The Hunger Games, in particular, would appeal with its combination of a love triangle and a fight for survival, but she’d also love The Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, and The Queen of the Tearling.




Okay, obviously Crystal’s massive, teleporting bulldog wouldn’t be doing much reading, but we couldn’t leave him out! As an escort and guard dog of sorts, Lockjaw would certainly be an incredible furry companion for the Attilan library, curled up at the feet of the Inhumans reading there.