Virtual Ways to Appreciate Your School Librarian

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

This past Saturday was School Librarian Appreciation Day, but with most schools closed across the country – and others turning to remote learning – it may have been difficult to appreciate your school librarians from afar. Here at Quirk, we see our librarians as warriors and teachers, purveyors of knowledge and the written word. Which is why we’ve come up with five completely remote ways to say a loud and heartfelt “Thank you!”


Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels

Host Virtual Story Time for Young Readers

If you’re looking for a way to thank an elementary school librarian in your life, offer to host a virtual story time, and enlist a handful of other adults to share the load. With so many schools relying on working parents to homeschool their kids, hosting a weekly story time on Zoom or Google Hangouts will give those younger kids somewhere to sit, listen, learn, and see their friends – at least until it’s safe to do so. And if you convince four friends to join you in this picture book adventure, these little ones can have reading time every day of the week! If you want to read a Quirk book to kids online, check out our open license for online events.



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Create a Reading Challenge for Older Readers

School librarians are often responsible for multiple reading levels, ranging from those young not-yet-readers to older – and completely independent – readers. Volunteer to create a reading challenge for those older readers, gamifying their reading experience. (Who doesn’t love a game?) Our favorite reading challenge is Book Bingo. Make a five by five grid, where each square is a different reading challenge – a book by a local writer, or a book about something you wish you were studying in school, for example. You can even organize some fun prizes for when school is back in session!



Send a Video Message Talking About a Book They Recommended

We all remember the first book that got us excited about reading. Maybe it was a recommendation from your school librarian! Record a short video of yourself talking about that book, thanking your school librarian for introducing you to that particular book. If you’re feeling extra appreciative, include a book recommendation of your own – and a sentence or two about where you are and how you’re doing. Human connection is so important right now!



Help Set Up Digital Lending

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, help the school librarian in your life set up digital lending through Hoopla or Overdrive. These platforms help libraries remain vibrant and vital, even when a physical visit to the library is impossible – which is such a gift, even without the added wrinkle of distance learning. Once these online platforms are set up, students will be able to borrow e-books, read graphic novels online, and check out audiobooks, many of which are read by the authors themselves!



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Send a Digital Gift Card

Your school librarian is likely overworked, underpaid, and more stressed than they’ve ever been. Now is a wonderful time to send them a gift card for a food delivery service like Caviar, DoorDash, or Uber Eats. Because cooking should be the last thing on their mind right now.