Valentines from ’80s Characters

Posted by Jamie Canaves

We like to carry our favorite characters around with us—figuratively, of course—and imagine them in scenarios. Like when we’re picking out Valentine’s Day cards we might imagine Jareth shopping for one and ponder what his would say. Luckily, here at Quirk Books, this kind of thinking is not only encouraged, we’re asked to make these cards a reality. It is why Photoshop was invented, right? Here's how we imagined the valentines from our favorite ‘80s characters would look like. 

Inigo Montoya used a feather pen and a possibly-not-yet-invented sticker for his Valentine’s card.


Jeff Spicoli shares his feeling with pizza, crayons, and a torn notebook paper.


Roger Rabbit uses his boundless energy to paper all the street walls—until he runs out of tape and gets distracted.


The Childlike Empress has a custom AURYN card made for Valentine’s Day.


Jareth creepily says it with magic and crystals.


John McClane still likes putting messages on sweatshirts, even if they don’t involve machineguns.


Gruber mailed his Valentine a walkie-talkie and demanded radio silence so he could say his message.


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