Top 10 Goblin Mode Things You Can’t Live Without

Posted by McKayla Coyle

So you’re looking to go goblin mode, but you’re not sure where to start. Maybe you’ve been trying to get more into nature, or embrace your cozier sensibilities. Maybe you’ve realized your personal style is only a little weird, and you want it to be way, way weirder. Maybe you’re just trying to find a group of people to play the homebrew D&D game you’ve been working on for months. No matter what brought you to the goblincore lifestyle, you’re welcome here. The only thing better than being a goblin is being a goblin in a big, wonderful community of goblins.

As the author of Goblin Mode, I feel uniquely suited to help people go goblin mode. My book goes in-depth into the different ways we can all bring more dirt, moss, and clutter into our lives, but here I’ll narrow things down to a few of my favorite goblin things. Goblincore is all about getting cozy, embracing imperfection, and thriving in the muck. Here are ten things that will help you do just that.

  1. Frog and Toad: These amphibians are the original goblincore influencers. They exemplify so much of goblin culture: they’re slimy, they love being outside, they value coziness and relaxation, they’re great friends to each other, and they’re gay. Reading a Frog and Toad book is like getting a warm, nostalgic crash course in how to be a goblin.
  2. Plants (real or fake): Keeping plants in your space is a great way to bring goblincore into your home decor. Goblins love nature (and dirt), so keeping houseplants around is a very goblincore choice. No green thumb? No problem. You can easily buy or make your own fake plants to make your room feel like a cozy forest.
  3. Go-to comfy outfit: There are so many things in the world that can cause anxiety— why let your clothes be one of them? Keeping a few go-to comfy outfits in your drawer allows you to prioritize your own comfort, which is a very goblin move. Whether you’re getting dressed to go hang out with friends, or you’re staying home to play video games but you don’t want to wear pajamas all day, wearing something that feels good on your body will always make your day a little better.
  4. Lots of jars (lots): Goblins love to put things in jars. There are so many things you can put in jars: buttons, dried flowers, jewelry, pens, needle-felted mushrooms, the list goes on. Everything can go in a jar, and everything looks cool in a jar. Jars are great because they offer a semblance of organization (your collections are all contained in one little place) while also giving the feel of clutter (you can see everything in your collection! All your neat little trinkets are on display for the whole world!). A goblin with a jar is like a frog on a lilypad. It’s just right.
  5. Treasure bag or treasure box: Goblins are experts at finding treasures, mainly because they understand that treasure is everywhere. A cool rock? Treasure. An interesting leaf? Treasure. A cute sticker, pin, or other little trinket? That’s definitely treasure. Treasure is anything that makes you feel happy, or inspires creativity, or just has a pleasing texture. Set aside a little pouch that you can carry with you, or a special box that you leave at home so you can store your favorite finds.
  6. Blankets: As I’ve mentioned before, goblins love getting cozy. Keeping lots of blankets around is a great way to get cozy with almost no effort. Whether you want to wrap yourself up in blanket burrito, or bury yourself under a blanket mound, or build a blanket fort, you’ll always find a way to get cozy if you have ample blankets. Try to get a range of blanket types so you can experiment with different texture, weight, and thickness. Goblins know that no matter how cozy you are, there’s always an opportunity to get cozier.
  7. Foraging guide book: If you’re going to try foraging, a good place to start is by investing in a guide book. Lots of plants look similar, and you want to know exactly what you’ll be getting when you pick something. Guide books are also useful because they’ll tell you about the particular plants that are native to your area. You don’t want to waste your time searching for a certain berry that doesn’t even grow in your region. Foraging is a great, goblin-approved way to interact with nature and learn about the world around you. With a good guide by your side, you’ll be off to a great start.
  8. Clutter: Many of us have spent our lives being warned away from messiness. Goblins, on the other hand, believe in celebrating clutter and curating a messy aesthetic. When you’re spending time in your space, don’t you want to be surrounded by the things you love? Don’t you want your collections to be on display for the world to see? You spent time finding the things you love, so why not show it all off? Decorating with clutter means putting all your interests on display, and creating room for all your different tastes. Clutter is all about reveling in who you are and what you love, which is why goblins are such big fans of it.
  9. Notebook: Whether you love fancy, leather bound notebooks or simple legal pads, keeping a notebook on hand is a very goblin thing to do. Notebooks are another way to curate a collection, but rather than collecting physical objects, notebooks collect your thoughts and jots and drawings. If you go on a nature walk, you can write down every type of bird you saw. If you’re reading a book, you can record all your favorite words. If you’re on the bus, you can sketch the best accessories you see people wearing. You can even use your notebook just to press flowers. Keeping a notebook with you means that you always have a little space just for you, no matter where you are.
  10. Goblin community: Even the most introverted goblins will admit that life is better when you have a community. Of course, community means different things to different people, and not every goblin’s community will look exactly the same. Your goblin community could be based around playing the same video games, or cooking dinner together once a month, or sending each other pictures of mushrooms. You could meet in person regularly or only chat online. No matter how you like to engage with others, it’s important to find people you can share your time with. Learning to be a good friend will teach you to a better person, and a better goblin.

I hope you’re feeling a little more connected to your goblin side now that you’ve read this list. If you want to get even more in touch with your goblin self, preorder my book Goblin Mode, on sale 6/27/23! Now, go forth and goblin.

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