Three Adorable Literary Costumes You Can Make For Your Kids

Posted by Brady Dale

So Halloween is almost here.

Busy parents everywhere are scrambling for costumes for their kids and attempting to convince them that yes, they can totally wear that costume from last year, no one is going to remember (NO OMG THEY TOTALLY WILL MOM AND DAD!). And chances are if you waited this long, all that’s going to be left are hundreds of Angry Birds outfits.

Luckily, for the literary minded, there are plenty of DIY solutions for the crafty costume maker. Below, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites from around the ol’ Internet. Enjoy!

1. MAX (Pictured Above): Alright. It’s a fair bet if you tried to wear this costume, you probably wouldn’t be this cute. I don’t care how nice those white grown-up jammies are.

Head over to Projects By Jess to scope out the Where the Wild Things are inspired costume, and to see the adorable bag she made in addition to it.

2. THE THREE MUSKETEERS. This year I read The Man in the Iron Mask. This book destroyed me. It was definitely the most powerful literary experience I had from classic lit this year. Do your adorable children have to be aware of all that? Nope. You could read them a kids version, or maybe show them a Disney film or two to get them excited about it. Once they’ve heard “all for one and one for all” they’ll be sold.

Please note, this costume requires multiple children. Head over to Sewing With Mom to learn how to make it.

3. THE PAPER-BAG PRINCESSFrom the wonderful kids book, The Paper-Bag Princess by Robert Munsch, this costume is easy, comfortable, and disposable. What else could you want?

Head over to The Crafty Crow for an amazing step by step tutorial on how to make this cute outfit.

4. BONUS: JAWS: Sorry Internet, we don’t have the how-to on this. It’s just adorable. But if anyone can find instructions on how to transform your child into Peter Benchley’s man eating shark, let us know. Photo via Pinterest.