Eight Adorable Superhero Costumes For Your Small, Comic Book Loving Pet

Posted by Eric Smith

“Fetch me another bale of alfalfa!” – Chinchilla Thor

When it comes to Halloween costumes for small critters like ferrets, guinea pigs, and hamsters, your options are somewhat limited. As an owner of an adorable bunny (who was featured in Quirk’s craftbook Microcrafts) and a chinchilla (who has yet to make his published book debut, Margaret!) I feel the pain that small animal owners experience around Halloween.

I mean, everyone else gets to dress up their larger pets, their cats and their dogs, in various costumes. I watch them all get posted to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… all with a rising jealousy in my heart. What about me? What about my need to take pictures of my pets looking adorable?

After fiddling around Etsy for a bit in an attempt to find Halloween costumes for small pets, I found a treasure trove thanks to this blog post. Let me introduce you to Marmota Cafe, an Etsy shop opperating out of Washington, D.C., who seems to specialize in great costume options for tiny, furry friends. All the costumes run from $9 to $18, and are designed with the comfort of your small pets in mind.

Have a look, and prepare to smile.

CAPTAIN AMERICAN (Guinea Pig): Ah! That little shield! This costume will also work on chinchillas.

ROBIN (Chinchilla): Judging by those lowered ears, this chinchilla hates being Robin. Which is understandable. Robin hates being Robin.

But still, super cute, and available for bunnies, guinea pigs, and hamsters.

THE GREEN LANTERN (Hamster): The tinest costume for a mighty hamster. The ring chose you, Hal Hamster.

THOR (Chinchilla): This one is my absolute favorite. Complete with a hammer, this outfit for chinchillas (as well as guinea pigs or small rabbits) is fantastic.

BATMAN (Guinea Pig): BatPig! Like Spider-Pig, only cuter IMO.

SUPERMAN (Hamster): Superham! I’m not even sorry for that. Those cotton ball clouds are a nice touch. Also available for chinchillas.

THE FLASH (Guinea Pig): Let your little guinea pig pretend he can run that fast.

HARLEY QUINN (Chinchilla): Harley Chin! Okay okay, I’ll stop with the puns. Also available for hamsters.

For more adorableness, check out Marmota Cafe’s Etsy page.

Eric Smith


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