The Ultimate Geek Girl Squad of Children’s Literature

Posted by Eve Legato

Remember how when you were a kid, all the smartest girls in your books were seen as “odd” or “different” by the other characters? Ever imagined jumping into the worlds of the books, Blue-skiddoo style, so you could be their friend? Well, in honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve paired together some girl wunderkinds who would totally be in the same squad if, y’know, they existed in the same universe.


Anne of Green Gables

Even before she graduated at the top of her class at Queen’s, Anne-with-an-e was a weird (read: smart) girl with a lot of promise. She’d get her whole squad excited about literature and poetry. And you know she’d be the one making everyone recite vows of eternal love and devotion to each other.


Delphine from One Crazy Summer

Between her love of Merriam Webster, her interest in the animal kingdom, and her awareness of the news, we heart Delphine for her well-roundedness. She and Anne would word nerd for hours.


Hermione Granger

You know the girl whose knowledge carried Ron and Harry through school and multiple brushes with Voldemort would be better off with some friends of equal intelligence. We picture her having late-into-the-night political debates with Delphine, though she might occasionally roll her eyes at Anne’s misuse of big words.


Millicent from Millicent Min, Girl Genius

The high schoolers in her classes make fun of her, but we think Millie’s fierce for attending high school at only eleven years old. If Millie was part of this squad, her friends would laugh at the Latin joke she writes in their yearbooks, or would, at least, appreciate it.


Rue from The Hunger Games

There’s more than one kind of intelligence. Rue is a whiz at environmental science and strategic hiding. She’d keep the squad fed and out of trouble during all of their adventures.


Claudia from From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

If the squad ever goes on a trip, Claudia would make an intricate, logistical itinerary. If they encountered a mystery to solve, she and Hermione would be on it. Though if they had to sneak anywhere, Rue would be the girl to collaborate with. 

Eve Legato

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