The Many Literary Roles of Chloe Moretz

Posted by Jamie Canaves

Photo by Nathan Engel from Pexels

Chloë Moretz starring in The 5th Wave, based on the Rick Yancey novel, made us realize we haven’t done a round-up of her bookish movies and we needed to get on that STAT! Here we have a super talented and lovely woman who kicked her way into our hearts in the unforgettable role of Hit-Girl and already has, according to IMDb, 57 acting credits!

That’s a lot of work to have under her eighteen-year-old belt and a surprisingly huge amount of literary roles.

The Amityville Horror (2005)

A remake of a 1979 movie based on the 1977 The Amityville Horror: A True Story (the true part has long been debated) where Chloë plays Chelsea Lutz and quickly proves she isn’t just an adorable child actor, she’s an amazing actress. Her facial expressions, her timing—it was easy to see that if she wanted to she could have a very long acting career. (We still watch that scene through our fingers even though we know how it ends.)


My Friends Tigger and Pooh – Super Sleuth Christmas Movie

For Winnie-the-Pooh fans—aren’t we all?!—Chloe voiced Darby (the US version). It’s got mystery, Pooh and friends, singing (even Eeyore!), and Moretz—make room on the sofa we’ll bring the popcorn! 


Jack and the Beanstalk

The fairytale story we all grew up with comes to life with a star-cast: from Doc Christopher Lloyd to James Earl Jones and of course, in our eyes, starring Moretz as Jillian the damsel in distress. She has to be an amazing actress to pull off damsel in distress, especially since we know how awesome and kick-ass she is.



Promoting Kick-Ass on The Ellen DeGeneres Show was when we first fell in love with Moretz as she proved herself to be smart, funny, and very entertaining in interviews—we raced to see the movie. And loved it! Based on the comic book, Moretz brought Hit-Girl to life making us root for a violent, foul-mouthed kid. And now we want to go rewatch the movie.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Showing serious range after playing Hit-Girl, Moretz played Angie Steadman a character created solely for the movie that wasn’t even in the book. We like to think studio execs thought Moretz was so awesome that this boys-club movie needed her. 


Let Me In

Based on the Swedish novel Let the Right One In (there’s also a Swedish movie) these are our types of vampires! Moertz plays Abby a young girl who moves into an apartment building with her father where a young boy Owen tries to befriend her. Nothing is as it seems in this dark, slow building movie and we couldn’t picture anyone else more perfect to play Abby.  We don’t want to spoil anything so we won’t say anymore—also, we’re busy reading the book.



Based on Andrea Portes same titled novel Moretz plays Luli McMullen a teen runaway on her way to Las Vegas via the old-fashioned method of hitchhiking. What could go wrong? We’ve already seen Moretz play a slew of young girls and have no doubts of her ability to play one from a seriously dysfunctional home searching for a new life so we’ve found it on Netflix streaming and are looking forward to watching it—after we read the book of course.



The Martin Scorsese directed movie adapted from The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick has Moretz playing—and very much holding her own—Isabelle, Hugo’s friend, amongst a star-studded cast. Again showing her versatility we have the sweet, friendly Moretz on an adventure with her new friend Hugo as they try to solve the mystery involving Hugo’s father and an automaton.



While we may not be first in line for remakes of our childhood movies we are all for Moretz being cast as Stephen King’s Carrie White. She’s just so good at looking innocent with a hint of something not so innocent behind the eyes. And she’s already proven she can hold her own amongst fantastic actors like Julianne Moore. So bring on the pig’s blood!


If I Stay

This tear-jerker YA adaptation is probably the first that comes to most people’s minds when we say literary roles of Chloë Moretz. She plays Mia Hall a talented high school girl in a coma after an accident (we said tear-jerker). Once again, this role has Moretz playing a girl who is also wise beyond her years. *grabs the box of tissues*


Dark Places

Another one of Gillian Flynn’s twisty, dark, people-might-not-be-what-they-seem novels got the movie treatment and Moretz plays teenage Diondra. 

And for Chloe's roles that have either been announced or are in post-production: November Criminals based on the almost same titled novel by Sam Munson; Brain on Fire based on Susannah Cahalan’s memoir, and the The Little Mermaid .

As if we hadn’t already loved her previous 20 literary roles already! Is there a book character you’d love to see Chloë Moretz play?