The Best Bookmarks for Horror Novels

Posted by Jamie Canaves

Sometimes we use the closest thing we can find as a bookmark: receipt, clothing tag, chocolate wrapper, that thing that broke off of something we can’t remember… But some book genres need their own bookmark! In this case, we found ourselves wanting a creepy bookmark as we were reading My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix. So we did what any horror loving bibliophile would do in the middle of the night in their PJs: We went shopping online while singingThe Addams Family theme song.

Here’s what we found:

Toe tagged legs sticking out of a book is not only creepy but certainly perfect for when we’re reading horror and/or crime fiction books.


In honor of the movie that inspired My Best Friend’s Exorcism: a bookmark with a 35mm film cell from The Exorcist seems appropriate.


Yeah we’re going to say if it oozes it’s creepy.



Scary. Terrifying. Creepy. Depending on your childhood relationship with Friday the 13th is how you’ll feel about this bloody hockey mask bookmark. *runs away

Do you use certain bookmarks for certain genres?