The 2015 Archery Championship for Fictional Archers

Posted by E.H. Kern

To commemorate the season premiere of Arrow last week, we at Quirk HQ would like to welcome you to the 2015 Archery Championship for Fictional Archers!

Let’s meet our contestants.

Please give a round of applause for ROBIN HOOD! The judges had a hard time agreeing on the eligbility of an anthropomorphic fox, but we were just so won over by his charm and spiffy hat.  


Please give a warm welcome to PRINCESS MERIDA! Special bear cub accommodations had to be provided for her three brothers at her mother's particularly fierce insistence. 


Here’s KATNISS EVERDEEN! Why is everyone kissing their fingers? Seems unsanitary. 


And last but not least, OLIVER QUEEN! As the only human dude of our sharp-shooting set, Oliver's got his competition cut out for him. 


Semifinal: Robin Hood vs Oliver Queen

In the first semifinal, it is Robin Hood against Oliver Queen. Robin and Oliver are both lawbreakers for a good cause. But even though Robin steals from the rich and gives to the poor, his ultimate goal is to win the hand of Lady Marian. Meanwhile, Oliver is driven by an urge to save his entire city, never relenting in his mission even when he himself is the one to suffer the worst consequences. Also, Robin Hood is a fox with paws.  

Winner of Semifinal: Oliver Queen


Semifinal: Merida vs. Katniss

In the second semifinal, Princess Merida faces off against Katniss Everdeen. Merida and Katniss both fight for their right to grow up to be the person they wish to be, as well as struggle to keep their families together. However, Katniss has a tendency to let her teenage temperament cloud her judgment, while Merida never takes her eye off the prize.

Winner of Semifinal: Princess Merida


The 2015 World Championship for Fictional Archers Final

In the final, we have Princess Merida against Oliver Queen. Both these archers are agile, quick on their feet, and have EXCELLENT hair.

The finalists are at their marks.

Bows raised. Bowstrings drawn. The arrows are loose!

And it’s a tie! The 2015 World Championship for Fictional Archers ends in a tie between Princess Merida and Oliver Queen! What an upset!

Congratulations to all contestants. And we're sorry for making fun of Robin Hood's paws.