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  • It’s icy out there, so this week we’ve put together a list of bookish events that will get you moving, clapping, amen-ing, and maybe even feeling a little hot under the collar. 

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    I always loved the allure to writing letters. It’s a conversation that stretches over continents. There’s something incredibly romantic about that (at least to me). When I was younger, I had a penpal in New York. We wrote letters to each other often. I told her things I wouldn’t dream about telling anyone else because it felt like, even though what I put on paper lasts longer than any conversation, it felt safe.

    Letters feel very safe.

    So how about let’s exploit that a little?

  • To honor Letter Writing Week, I rounded up some of the best epistolary (letter-writing) novels I know. While I personally count diary entries as letter-writing, since we write it to our future selves (or imaginary friends, or our cat), I won’t include those on this list. Just purely letter-writing, fictional and non. And emails. And texting. And smoke-signals.

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    Every now and again I come in here and update this ol' post. And here I am, doing just that!

    Interested in blogging for Quirk Books? We're always on the hunt for awesome new talent to showcase on our site! Whether you're into crafting or cooking, fashion or design, comic books or movies... as long as you love writing about your passions with the occasional bookish slant, there might just be a place for you here on the blog.

    And yes, we do pay bloggers for their posts!

    Interested? Drop me an email at Tell me a bit about yourself, what you're interested in writing about, and include a few links to some writing samples. Please don't send resumes. Just a friendly email and links to clips will do. You should be active on social media and familiar with what we publish on the blog. 

    Hope to hear from you soon! 

  • We've spent all week celebrating National Letter Writing Week, with plenty of posts from crafting to book roundups. But what about actually writing a letter? 

    Well, we've got this excerpt from Jane Austen Handbook on letter writing, plus a fancy giveaway! So read on, and learn how to write and prepare a proper, Jane Austen era note. Enjoy! 

  • It looks like another amazing week for bookish events in New York City. Usually, I try to limit myself to recommending two options a day, but this week I just couldn’t control myself. Get your teleportation and cloning devices ready, otherwise you will have to make some difficult decisions.


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