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  • Virginia Woolf famously said, “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” We couldn’t agree more, but we would like to add to it a little bit: a woman also needs some amazing literary decorations in said room (after her aforementioned money goes towards paying rent and all that). After all, how else is she supposed to get inspiration?

    Fortunately for all you aspiring lady authors, we’ve compiled our favorite literary items to decorate your authorial apartment.

  • November is almost at an end, and for NaNo writers that means one of two things. If things have gone to plan, you have written almost an entire book in just one month! At least fifty thousand words have flowed from your brain onto the page (or screen), your first draft is finished, and your month is ending with a glowing sense of accomplishment. High fives and champagne, you productive, high-speed writer, you! 

  • First there were books, and then there were e-books, and now there's...bookstagram? You bet your book-loving butt there's bookstagram. 

  • Just when you thought the magic was over, it revs right back up. Hold on to your hats, muggles. In honor of the new script, we've rounded up some bookish gear and accessories perfect for writers and readers who love the series. 

  • Sometimes book summaries are downright lengthy. And who has time for all of that? Like, just give us the necessary details and get on with the actual book.

    Hemingway gets it. He's the King of Brevity, the Ruler of Simplicity, the Banisher of Adverbs. His signature terse style is iconic. Instead of hunting lions or seeing a bullfight, which we find to be unethical, we'll have Hemingway do what he does best--give it to us straight. 

  • In need of a pen name, but lacking inspiration? Take advice inspired by someone whose pen name is so good, you may not have realized it wasn’t his given name—George Orwell. Before the author of 1984 became George Orwell, he was Eric Blair. Although no one knows for sure how Eric chose his pen name, these reasons may help you pick yours.

    Read on, comrades.


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