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Best Bookish Inventions

[Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash]

In honor of National Inventors’ Day, a cheer to all inventors today! But especially to those who invented our most cherished bookish inventions. We see you, fellow book lovers! Because who else but bibliophiles would invent such items as stylish bookends, essential book darts, and even candles that smell like books!? The list is endless, but here’s our roundup of our favorite bookish inventions.

Posted by Sandra Woolf

Send a Book to a Friend

Photo by Jaymantri from Pexels

Today is National Send a Card to a Friend Day. While cards are all fine and dandy, it can sometimes be hard to find the card that says exactly what you are looking for. After all, what can really be said in such a small amount of space. So instead of just sending a card, why not send a book to go along with it? There are so many great books in the world, there is bound to be something for everybody in your life. To help you down the road a bit, we at Quirk wanted to give a few suggestions of possible books to send to your friends.

Posted by David Winnick

SDCC From Home E-Book Deals

Prices subject to change.

San Diego Con Comic may have been canceled, but that won't stop us from celebrating fandom, supporting indie artists, and indulging in some new geeky faves. For some con-related reads, check out our latest round of e-book deals from YA romance and a mystery set at conventions to quirky comics to a fangirl geek guide.

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

Five Quirk Books for Ted Danson’s Best Roles

Ted Danson is back in the small-screen spotlight, as his hit series The Good Place heads toward the end of its fourth and final season. Danson has been acting since the ‘70s, although his breakout role came in the ‘80s as the bartender in Cheers. He’s won awards, covered sitcoms, crime shows, and movies in every genre, and it’s almost impossible to pick his absolute best roles…but we’ve given it a shot anyway. For five of his best-known characters, we’ve got the perfect Quirk recommendations (and they might be just as good for fans, too). 

Posted by Rose Moore

Reading Suggestions for George McFly

Image by Dave Tavres from Pixabay

Today is Back to the Future Day and in celebration of one of the most culturally significant science fiction films, we at Quirk have decided to make a reading list for George Mcfly (Crispin Glover), who eventually makes a space for himself as a science-fiction novelist and seems to have very distinct tastes.

Posted by David Winnick

How to Survive a Horror Novel, from Beginning to End

So. You’ve braved the horror section of the bookstore and found the right book to scare the bejesus out of you. You take your book home and nestle into the corner of your comfy, cozy and safe sofa. By the end of chapter one, your once beautifully manicured nails are now gnarly nubs thanks to your incessant nail biting. The question now becomes this: how do you survive getting through the rest of the book without inflicting any more harm to your body?

Posted by Jill Effron