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Quirk Books 2016 Reading Challenge

While everyone works on keeping their getting-fit, eating-healthy, saving-the-world resolutions (us too) we're working on our TO BE READ list with our homebrewed Quirk Books Reading Challenge. That's right, 12 months and 12 book challenges. We feel all Rory Gilmore book excited!

Posted by Jamie Canaves

New Year’s Resolutions for Literary Characters

It is that fairytale time of year; as soon as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, we magically expect to become better people. Some people have long list of resolutions that they believe will finally happen this year. Some people have no resolutions at all. In case our favorite book characters fall into the latter category, we have come up with a few ideas for them.

Posted by Sarah Fox

5 Unexpected Stories with Holiday Spirit

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me two obscure Christmas stories, two unexpected Christmas novels, and a New Year’s poem!

Posted by Sarah Fox

Santa’s Naughty and Nice List: The Literary Edition

How do you think Santa Claus finds out who is naughty and nice? He delegates! Santa is too busy traveling the world to read books, so he gave us the task of making a list of the naughty and nice characters in literature. And, yes, we checked it twice. 

Posted by Sarah Fox

The Geekiest Holiday TV Specials of the Past & Present

Not only is it the season for television shows to air their holiday specials but thanks to Netflix, and channels that play repeats, you can also watch all your favorites from years past. And we’re here to help with the what-to-watch by rounding-up our favorite past and present geeky holiday specials.

Posted by Jamie Canaves

Our Favorite Literary Gift-Wrapping Goods

If you’re like us, you put a lot more thought into giving gifts than your own wish list. But how are you going to wrap those gifts? After all, your literary minded friends and family deserve at least a hint as to which of the gifts under the tree are for them. Don’t worry. Quirk has you covered. We’ve scoured Etsy for the perfect bookish gift wrapping so you can spend a little more time dreaming up the perfect gift.

Posted by Danielle Mohlman