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Quirk Perks: Four Cookbooks On Sale Now!

If you can't take the heat…then get into the kitchen! In this month's batch of Quirk Perks, you can get all four of these delectable cookbooks for only $3.99 each on your Kindle! Click below for the Kindle links or scroll down to learn more about each cookbook!


Posted by Julie Leung

From Page to Pez: Literary Characters that are also Candy

image via jayorama.com

June is National Candy Month, and sure you could read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or some other candy-coated book, maybe even indulge in a chick lit novel with Necco hearts on the cover—and while those are both fine, bookish ways to mark the holiday, why not step it up this year and eat your favorite literary character?

Pez has been making candy in Austria since 1927. Its famous dispensers have been around since 1948, with Santa and Mickey making their monumental debuts in the 1950s. But these days, if you can name that cartoon character, you can find its Pez dispenser—from Tom and Jerry to Batman to Mulan to Monsters, Inc.

Some of those lovable candy-popping heads started as books. So below we honor those that have gone from the page to the Pez.

Posted by Diana R. Wallach

How-To Tuesday: How to Make Gummie Han Solos in Carbonite

Make your own tasty rebels snacks with these simple instructions for DIY gummie candies! These treats are ideal for Star Wars parties, movie marathons, or just hanging out in Jabba’s palace. You could even use them to fill your Death Star piñata!

Posted by Margaret Dunham



Cooking with Flowers by Miche Bacher for $3.99! 


Posted by Nicole De Jackmo

Learn to Bake Delicious, Boozy Sweets with Quirk author Krystina Castella on Craftsy.com

Fans of boozy-flavored cake: are you ready for more? Quirk author Krystina Castella is launching a class on Tipsy Cakes for Craftsy.com, based on her and Terry Lee Stone’s fabulous book Booze Cakes. The class paired with the Booze Cakes book is now the most comprehensive assemblage of technique and tested recipes on baking with alcohol out there. Check out what Krystina has to say, and how to get a discount on the class, after the jump!

Posted by Blair Thornburgh

Happy Pi Day: Make a Venn Pie-agram!

In honor of Pi Day tomorrow, learn how you can make The Venn Pie-agram!

This year will be the most authentic Pi Day you’ve ever experienced, since the date is 3-14-15—as close as we can get to 3.1415 in our lifetime! So how do you make this nerdiest of all pies? Let’s get started.

Posted by Suzanne Wallace