Super Mar. 10 in Book Form

Posted by Kristina Pino

Image by MikesPhotos from Pixabay.

Today is March 10. Mar. 10. Mario. Get it?

Let's say we describe a few books, replacing character names, places, and other things with those from the many Super Mario games out there. Would you be able to guess what stories we're talking about? Anyone can play – don't worry about whether you're familiar with the games or not, and of course, we aren't rolling with anything too obscure. Try your hand at our game and tell us if you managed to guess them all! The answers are all the way at the bottom. 


Challenge 1: Mario lives in the Mushroom Kingdom where he frequently uses his Raccoon powers to fly around with all of his friends. He just wants to play all day, but soon realizes the Toadstools he watches over need more than a leader for mischief and adventure – they need a royal ruler (or mother, even). So Mario flies to a far-off land and brings back the lovely and gentle Princess Peach, where she maintains peace and harmony over the Mushroom Kingdom. 



Challenge 2: Peach is anything but a weak, dainty lady. When her sister is called to participate in what results in an annual bloodbath, she volunteers as tribute instead in order to save the Mushroom Kingdom from the tyranny of President Bowser. She emerges victorious, but at what cost? And who will she choose to be by her side, Mario or Luigi? 


Challenge 3: Mario and Toad set out on an adventure to destroy the One Coin. They're joined by other Toadstools, as well as a few other friends, and brave their way through Forest of Illusion, Vanilla Dome, and other treachery such as Mario's brief, but terrifying transformations into Wario, before they make it to Bowser's Lava Lair, where they must complete their quest. 


Challenge 4: Rosalina loves to learn, and she especially loves reading. At her new school, however, the principal, Kammy Koopa, can't stand to see happy children and believes them all to be a nuisance, doling out unreasonable punishments at the drop of a hat. Rosalina decides to put an end to it, using some newfound magical powers to prank and haunt Kammy and scare her away. 



Challenge 5: Luigi had everything going his way toward a promising future in the Mushroom Kingdom, but he was surrounded by some greedy Koopalings, who had him locked away in a dungeon far away in Water Land, and took his beloved Rosalina away. In the dungeon, he met Professor E. Gadd, who trains him in all the ways he can best the Koopalings and get his life back. Upon his escape from the dungeon, he exacts his revenge. 


Challenge 6: Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy are far from home and looking for adventure. Daisy finds it through a Warp Pipe behind some dusty coats, leading them all to the Ice Land, which is under the control of a witch. Luigi becomes enchanted and betrays the rest, who then set out to seek the help of Toadsworth. They break the spell, and Ice Land mets into the beautiful Grass Land it was meant to be. 


Challenge 7: After fighting in a war, Mario is trapped on Chocolate Island, where Wendy Koopa has fallen in love with him and kept him captive for several years. Mario, however, remains true to his one and only Peach. When he finally escapes, he faces the wrath of Iggy Koopa, who wrecks his ship out at sea. Mario takes a long time to make it home, having stopped along another faraway land to hear and tell stories, and faces a final trial when he finds his beloved has been swarmed by suitors the entire time he's been gone.




Check your answers: 

1. Peter Pan

2. The Hunger Games

3. The Lord of the Rings

4. Matilda

5. The Count of Monte Cristo

6. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

7. The Odyssey