Stylish Cover Cats: A Round-up

Posted by Jamie Canaves

Cat's got our brain ever since we started working on our Men with Cats. So we had to share some of our favorite cat-centric book covers that caught our attention while we impatiently wait for Men with Cats to hit bookstores Feb 2nd. 

Cat is Art Spelled Wrong

Had us at the title and that cover. And then we find out it’s a book of essays answering why can't we stop watching cat videos? It’s like they peeked into our souls. Learn more here.


If You Give a Cat a Cupcake

Ha! But please don’t give a cat a mouse (with or without a cookie) because we are not fans of the dead mouse gift. We prefer our mice alive and well and on adventures. Learn more here.


A dark graphic novel featuring a cat detective: Our curiosity is piqued. And don’t worry, we currently still have our nine lives. Learn more here.


White Cat

We came for the cat title and cover and are staying for the paranormal and urban fantasy. Basically, this rings our be-e-ell, rings our bell. Learn more here.


Space Cat Meets Mars

Vintage, check. Cat, check. Space, check! The cover of the third book in the Space Cat series would make a great poster. Learn more here.


The Guest Cat

From the acclaimed poet, Takashi Hiraide…sorry, we just keep getting distracted by those kitten's eyes… Learn more here.


Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat (Calvin and Hobbes #9)

Hobbes is always in the top three of our favorite cats. Who wouldn’t want a tiger for day adventures who is also a snuggle-buddy at night? Learn more here.


Really COOL Colouring Book 2: Cool Cats

Whether to de-stress, kick anxiety in the face, or just because it’s fun, we love to color! And these cats look so stylish we might get jealous of their outfits while we color. *Spills out box of crayons, colored pencils, and gel pens* We’re ready! Learn more here.