Stopping by Wawa on a Snowy Evening

Posted by Eric Smith

In honor of Wawa's 50th birthday, we're posting Stopping by Wawa on a Snowy Evening, a poem found in Broetry by Brian McGackin.

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Stopping by Wawa on a Snowy Evening

Is Wawa open? Yes or no?
We need to stop if it’s not closed
To stock up for the party. Shit!
But Wawa doesn’t sell beer, though.

I’m such an ass. I must admit
I’d completely forgotten it:
Convenience stores don’t sell booze here.
Now how the hell will we get lit?

We’ve only got two racks of beer
And one bottle of Everclear;
That’s just enough for maybe three
Or four of us. It would appear

That some of us will have to be
Spending the night alcohol-free.
I guess I’ll drink lemonade tea,
I guess I’ll drink lemonade tea.

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Eric Smith


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