Star Wars Comics Club: Recommendations for The Force Awakens Characters

Posted by David Winnick

It is hard to believe that there isn’t any down time in a “galaxy far far away.” The rebels of Star Wars can’t always be running from the galactic empire. As for the Empire, it seems unlikely that all evil shifts are 24/7. Doesn’t anyone get a bathroom break on the planet Jakku? No doubt, somewhere on the Starkiller base, there must be at least one Stormtrooper looking for a bit of entertainment. In times of war, it is not uncommon for soldiers to turn to comic books to fill those dull moments between battles. One of the most popular comic characters ever, Captain America, is directly tied to World War II. Here are some reading suggestions for the new characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Rey – Saga by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples

Rey seems like a tough no-nonsense kind of woman. Stuck in the middle of a massive intergalactic battle, Rey could likely need a moment or two of catharsis by witnessing some fiction about another strong woman caught in the middle of a crazy war. That is where Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples’ adventure comic comes in. The perfect read for Rey, Saga follows the adventures of Alan and Marko, two lovers from different sides of a battle, as they attempt to protect themselves and their child.


Finn – Habibi by Craig Thompson

On the run from the Galactic Empire, Finn seems like he is going to need some help. Teaming up with Rey looks like his best chance of survival. This is a tale incredibly close to that presented in Craig Thompson’s graphic novel Habibi. The titular character in this work must hide himself from a punitive society. It is only after being taken in by a young woman who lives in an old ship abandoned in the desert sand that Habibi finds the true meaning of life.   


Captain Phasma – Pretty Deadly by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios     

Captain Phasma must be a quick draw on that laser blaster to have become the head of the Stormtroopers. How else does someone earn that shiny silver armor she has? Most likely a fan of old style westerns, Pretty Deadly by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios should be right up her ally. The tale follows a woman as she blazes a trail across the old west with nothing but her six shooter. A great story, for a great warrior.


BB-8 – Scud: The Disposable Assassin by Rob Schrab

Nothing seems to stop BB-8 as he roles through existence. He is on a mission and no obstacle will prevent him from seeing it through. He is just like Rob Schrab’s manic robot Scud. An assassin droid, Scud is meant to self-destruct upon finishing his duty. When he realizes that his mission goes so much deeper than a simple hit, he is forced to put his task on hiatus to get to the bottom of a massive conspiracy.


Poe Damareon – Echo by Terry Moore

Poe is supposed to be one of the greatest pilots in the rebel alliance. He may be a bit on the cocky side, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a great hero. Just like Annie Trotter, the test pilot for the Echo flight suit in Terry Moore’s epic tale of science gone wrong, Poe will no doubt push the boundaries of what he can do. Unfortunately for Annie, things don’t turn out well. Her suit explodes taking her body with it and transferring her consciousness into the body of onlooker Julie Martin. The symbiotic pair push through trials in order to save the world.


Kylo Ren – The Darkness by Garth Ennis and Marc Silvestri

It must be tough being an enforcer for an evil order. Spending his time putting his life on the line for the big guys at the top could get troublesome for Kylo Ren. If he is looking for a guy who can show him what it is like to have mystical powers and use them in the employ of some bad guys, all he needs to do is read the adventures of Jackie Estacado. A mob enforcer, Estacado is a perfect example of how to use some insane power to do a dirty job. To make things even better, Estacado and Kylo Ren have almost the same taste in facial accessories.


General Hux – Empire by Mark Waid Barry Kitson

Many of us wish we could take over the world. General Hux seems to be driven to see how much of the universe he can carve out for himself. Still, controlling everything is likely not all it is cracked up to be. Empire follows Golgoth, a villain who has taken over the world but is struggling to keep his hands wrapped tightly around his trophy. Perhaps Hux should reconsider his plans of galactic domination and take a nice relaxing nap instead.


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