Star Wars: A Rogue One Sonnet

Posted by Ian Doescher

Illustrations by Nicolas Delort, from William Shakespeare’s Star Wars® Verily, a New Hope

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is finally here! Are you as excited as I am? Probably. Have you written a Shakespearean sonnet to mark the occasion? Now you don't have to!


a sonnet by Ian Doescher

This week, an innovation has been planned,
One that will, surely, leave us all enthralled—
In movie theaters across the land,
A batch of time machines will be installed.
These time machines will work in double stages:
First, carry us to some long time ago,
And second, the machines will change our ages
As backward, into children, we will grow.
With pure and perfect joy, we’ll take this trip,
And wonder at the time machine’s great powers.
But not too long will we be in its grip—
The thrilling journey lasts about two hours.
This time machine goes by the name Rogue One,
And never was time travel better fun.

"Pssst…I bought five tickets to Rogue One but they're all for me."